PROJECT UPDATE 3: The Dance and The Light



I will describe it in words, since I have not have the time to record it myself.

  • *out of the screen* jump left right left right left right, slow down, jump faster again, until I reach the wall.
  • Screech the wall, slowly…until I drop on the floor.
  • Turn around while saying giant, giant, GIANT with varied volumes to different direction.
  • Stand up, using the body and choreography, I write my name “feli” on the floor.
  • Turning, spinning, half-squatting at different speed and direction.
  • Reaching the ‘i’, I jump, push and imaginary creature, and say gonna FIGHT IT.
  • Go slowly but firmly to the chair and do the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, GET READY
  • Stand up firmly and do the warrior fighting poses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, GET READY
  • Always look to the camera when saying get ready.

However, after I listen to the music Randall gave me, I think I might change some of the choreography because when there is music, my body tends to adapt to the music if I am going to give the most natural movement I have. That one, I have to practice it.

Overall, I really enjoy dancing as a warrior, because I feel that my natural movement is somehow warrior-like and if it’s a dance genre, it would be contemporary dance. Really grateful about it.


THE CODE IS DONE THANK YOU A BUNCH BUNCH TO NAGA he is such a genius and has a kind hearrtttt. He didn’t just help me with the coding, he even repairs my lilypad!! *singing* joy to the world!

So YES my lights lighted up my day!

But new problem arise. I can’t sew them to the belt…

Really really it was working when one strip was sewn! but when two strips were sewn none is light up. I cried. A little bit. SO, I haven’t continued it since then because I am legit afraid of doing them on my own. I need help from friends or mentors.


I plan to have the lights on my belt ready for the 9th April workshop. Gonna pray for it, amen.


But I should not share the bad news only, I should share the good news too :).

So, instead of using the silver fabric mesh just like in Project Update 2, I will use fused plastic bags!! which give really interesting texture and shape <3 <3 Loooovvveeee doing it!

belt 2 Belt 20160331_105156

When the lights are already installed…

VID_20160331_104915 from Feliciana Natali on Vimeo.


Trying to make bangle out of the fused plastic. Will need lots of trial until can really make a product out of the fused plastics. Holiday project hopefully X)


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One thought on “PROJECT UPDATE 3: The Dance and The Light”

  1. Your dress is superb, beautifully designed, and I’m certain with Naga and Angeline’s help, the electronics will all be working fine. You did a very fine job documenting your dance movements and vocals. And yes, the music always helps propel the body, dance benefits greatly from sound and its rhythmic energy. Can you imagine dancing at a club without music?!

    One thing to think about: find ways to directly your movement not just to the space that you are physically in, but to the virtual space, across the third space, directed to that kind of mysterious quality of the other side of the digital divide: reacting to Angeline’s movement as well.

    Remember the artist credo: no pain no gain! The process may at times be frustrating but it is always well worth the effort.

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