PROJECT UPDATE 4: Sleeves and Final Coding


I am totally happy with the sleeves 🙂 because 80% of it is my own attempt! Galina did help me with measuring and a little bit of sewing method, but the rest is my own trial and error (so, if you look very closely to the sleeves, there are 4 different ‘folding’ pattern hahahahaha because I keep trying to see how the different placing of the fabric affect the drapes.)

Most importantly, it works! it drapes!!



Final Coding

I have consulted Naga about the coding and input factor, and we have decided just to tweek the code to make more variation of the lights’ colors and blinking.

Initially, I was thinking of doing something with the cable and attached a stretch cord: will increase in resistance when stretched, and affect the lights. However, the circuit itself is very fragile and it is one day left till the performance day. If something bad happen again to the circuit it will take more than one day to repair  because the belt has been arranged permanently (glue-guned).

Hence, we will play with blinking, fading and timing.

Now, I am going to continue the costume 🙂

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  1. I think the slaves are truly masterful. The way they worked with your movement today in our performance/workshop was truly outstanding. I look forward to hearing you talk about how the costume brings together your movement, character, and music in the final hyperessay. Excellent work!

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