Response: My Little Piece of Privacy

This installation makes me imagining how nice it is if there is a curtain that follows me around, so whenever I want to do something that is pretty shameful in the public, I can simply do it as the curtain protects me from being seen: farting, nose digging, sleeping with my mouth open on the train, etc. I don’t know how that would be possible but it’s pretty nice to have privacy following me around.

But, yeah, with a ‘privacy’ whose physical feature is attractive to the public, it causes curiosity, and with more people are curious about what’s behind the curtain/privacy, less privacy we will have! This happens in the installation too, where public became attracted to the moving curtain, talked about it and even crowding the storefront. It ‘counter-attacks’ the purpose, an irony.

However, the irony reminds me of about “deceiving┬ádistraction”. The moving curtain can act like an attraction to distract people from realizing other things around it. So the ‘attractive privacy’ still can do its purpose to protect privacy because it distracts people from realizing the (whatever) real thing that the artist/owner want to keep private. So, I think this installation is not really fail. it’s not fail to me.

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Feliciana Natali

Product Design student graduating in 2019

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