Reading Response: Designing for Digital Age

It is a great chapter that sounds like a mini tutorial/self-help chapter to me. There are concise step-by-step design processes, which I think is not only applicable to digital products but also other kind of products. I find the tips and steps are versatile.

I am a bit surprised how design can exist in a corporate world where everything the designer does, has to link back to the stakeholders’ desire and preference. It truly sounds like the typical corporate job. What if the stakeholders have unrealistic objective? What if they are unappreciative of designers and design skills? I know we will work with clients, but the term stakeholders in the design industry is new to me.

And I agree with this chapter on how important working relationship is to the success of the project. The business people, engineers and designers could not work like as separate entities but they should function like different organs in one body, each complements the others and would not work well without the other.

The problem I am worried about is what if those people we are working with are not appreciative of designs because they simply have the mindset that looks down on design? Because I had been in such an environment, and after getting out of that situation, all I want is to work as creative entrepreneur. It was not a sweet experience. I wish Singapore can appreciate art and design professionals as much as they appreciate politicians, engineers, doctors and all science field professionals.

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