2017 Product Trends: Harvey Norman Tour

Thank you Harvey Norman for welcoming our class to have a private tour, looking around products without any other customers inside! That was really kind.. And from all the products that I have observed, these are the trends of 2017:


From the small kettle to fridge, there is an on-going trend of having a vintage look. These kitchen products are really suitable to be placed at Breakfast at Tiffany’s film set, used by Marilyn Monroe in a sexy apron dress, with the vintage huge radio at the other corner of the kitchen. Weirdly, most of the products which are in vintage trend are just the kitchen appliances.

The vintage touch is marked by the turning knobs instead of touch screen, round edges with opaque and sometimes bold colors instead of sharp edges with clean neutral look (or glass-y), and the shapes are a reincarnation of the early batches of the inventions.


“More-than-one”-in-one Features

The social media-storming Dyson hairdryer, Kenwood table toasters, electric toothbrush, De Longhi & Nescafe coffee maker, are some products which have more than one functions. Various functions are interchangeable because of these products allow some assembling-disassembling for some of the parts. Using the same body, Dyson hairdryer can dry your hair, simply shape-blow your hair or even curl your hair in different sizes. Kenwood toaster is also a waffle, pancake, small cakes maker as well if you change the mould inside it.

Such feature is highly popular because of the the idea ‘one time purchase of one time for endless function’ so consumers can save space in their home, luggages and save some money too (maybe).


Well, I can only spot two obvious trends from the products displayed in Harvey Norman. These two qualities are applied to a wide range of products and wide range of brands too. So I think it is really the trendy thing in product design today.

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Feliciana Natali

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  1. Interesting writing on your thoughts on the trend. Now, the idea is to keep this in mind when you design in the future – how to ride the wave of a trend.

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