SMARDROBE: Progress & Storyboard


  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Finalizing concept
  • Website template
  • Storyboard


Our survey forms had been dispersed to many whatsapp groups and our social media platforms to gather at least 100 responses. From the process, we have received 168 responses, and these are the conclusion:

  1. Even though 43.5% have their wardrobe organized, there are 66.7% of people who have trouble finding a particular piece of clothing.
  2. 44% wish that they could know and see what they wear the most.
  3. 41% wish to know which clothes are in the laundry at that point of time.
  4. 53% think it would be a hassle to catalogue all of their items.
  5. 43% feel that SmarDrobe interface would be messy.


In order to gain deeper information about wardrobe experience, feedback and suggestion to improve SmarDrobe, we interviewed eight persons whom we think are people with great interest in fashion and might need smart wardrobe to level up their dress-up games. One of the insight is from one of our own members, Feliciana, who is the first one come out with the idea of smart wardrobe.

“As someone who has deep passion for fashion and plan to improve her wardrobe and style overtime, I need a smart wardrobe to help me organize and mix-match my clothing. That is how I came up with the idea of smart wardrobe.” – Feliciana Natali, SmarDrobe Concept Founder.

“I really want something that is able to track what I have been wearing for the last few weeks or months so I will not wear the same thing too often. I still have 60-70 articles, and some are rarely worn!” – Natasha Odelia, a fashion-conscious student.

“I have 600-700 articles. Even though they are organized and I remember most of them, I really need a smart wardrobe if it is able to help me mix and match faster and easier.” – Revinta Sutandi, a fashion lover.

“It would be great to have a smart wardrobe that would help me match outfits with my mood and activity on that day!” – Iskandar, a fashionable college student.

“I have a lot of fashion pieces to the point I had an extention for my cupboard. I still have them disorganized and have to dig my wardrobe to find some pieces I’ve rarely used. So I look forward to SmarDrobe that is able to organize my collections! I really want to find the pieces I want to wear with ease.” – Mellisa, Fashion Merchandise diploma graduate.

“I don’t really care about mix and match, but I do need to have a list of all of my outfits according to their functions (which piece for which occassion) and washing method.” – Gekkie, an ADM student.

“Organize. Fold clothes for me. Utilizes space. Shelving system. Laundry list. And secret compartments.” – Denise, an ADM student

“I think I have only used 10% of all my fashion pieces because they are really messy in my cupboard. Need a help here.” – Brenda, an ADM student.

Finalizing Concept

Based on our surveys and interviews, we decide that there are some ideas which are impossible or too much. As well since SmarDrobe should be a screen-based project, we do not include ideas or features that requires too much mechanical engineering/innovative hardware design such as a wardrobe that can fold clothes by itself. We believe a focus on a few most important aspects that could improve most people’s wardrobe experience would lead to a great SmarDrobe. Here are the ideas we are going to concept-prove:

  • Clothes cataloguing
  • Dress-up ‘History’
  • ‘Search’ fashion
  • Fashion pairing
  • ‘In laundry’ indicator
  • ‘Fashion status’ indicator: at the laundry/taken out/most-worn/etc.
  • As sleek as possible interface


The template for our website has been made. Our website is to contain our documentations/report as well as to serve a ‘mock’ product website/branding.

 Initial Storyboard Concept

Final Storyboard Concept

From our initial storyboard, we refine it to better match our standard and capability.


Members: Feliciana Natali, Christy Halim, You Xuan (Yoosh)

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Feliciana Natali

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  1. I think everyone to some degree has this issue that as one accumulates more clothing, people don’t know or remember what they have and how to simplify their wardrobe according to their preferred styles.  It would be interesting to have a service such as your proposal tackle the issue of waste and accumulation of unworn clothing in a smart and useful way.  In the end what do most people want their wardrobe to be?  I imagine each person would want a way to organise it to those outfits that are best suited to them, that they wear the most, that are flexible in terms of style and trends etc.

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