Pattern, Art, Design & Architecture: Mood-boards (week2)

As an Indonesian, I feel this class would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about Indonesia and showcase it. It does feel good to pay attention back to the place I used to call home.

The list of myths, supernatural stories, and even urban legends are endless due to Indonesia’s multicultural background; every province and tribe has its own stories. However, the legend of Padi caught my attention because of a personal experience of playing the role of a goddess in an Indonesian musical and padi is so important for my country.

I hope I can figure out the best way possible to execute this project and have a steep learning curve. Batik pattern is not easy to make, especially when inserting an individual authenticity into a cultural art that makes up the identity of a region.

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  1. nice read- maybe you can search some high res images in the library on batik? Also look on my PinterestĀ pattern classification – to identify artist or style of the execution for pattern alone- we can see how to keep Batik timeless quality yet make it more contemporary.

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