Motif Development Week 4

Feedback on Week 3

Based on the feedback on Week 3, I ‘narrowed down’ the story or topic before developing anything. Ina said the element of crops and plants sprung out of the goddess’ dead body is interesting, and I think so too. In addition, I thought it would be nice to have some elements that can give the vibe of ‘royalty’ or something that relates to the kingdom of gods, instead of purely vegetation and body. Based on these thoughts, I created individual ‘elements’ using pencil and pen.


The elements consist of various fruits and crops (not just padi) which grow in Indonesia, a Javanese crown, and a female half-face half-skull. I’m inspired to draw half-skull because I imagined the ‘supernatural logic’ behind the growing crops from the dead body. I thought maybe, the life of Nyi Pohaci was kinda ‘transferred’ to the crops, so the half-skull illustration to depict the ‘process of life transfer’, where her beauty was drained out, left with only her skull.

Below is some of the ‘cleaned-up version’ of the sketches. And I did some random watercolor splashes too for experimentation later.

Experimenting to create more motifs

I felt the singularity of those elements are lonely and less intricate. I could not imagine the South East Asian feeling if using the elements as it is to the pattern. So I tried playing around with the elements to create motifs. I did multiple mirroring, and I pretty like it.

Today in class, I tried combining different elements to make a not-symmetrical motif.

Developing patterns

From the modified motifs, I created regular patterns and somehow, I could feel something South East Asian/Indonesian from them. I want to try something that looks less regular, but I don’t really know how to do it…

More patterns are done in class. I prefer something more ‘geometric’ if it is a full repetitive pattern. I think I should draw more interesting elements?…

So far, this is my progress :).

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