Banner Progress (After Recess)

So, I decided to not just re-resolution-ize each element that I have drawn as motifs, but also to change the composition of my banner. Because I feel that the last banner I have shown to Ina and the class has no feeling.

Ina also said that there was a lack of tiny details or texture in the micro level in order to entertain the viewer’s eyes when they look at the banner closely. So I was thinking, what should I do? if the banner is done in illustrator and in vector form, the texture might be needed to be in vector form as well. The flatness of digitalized image is not my cup of tea. I always like the touch of something hand-drawn and traditional.

So I decided to almost ‘re-do’ the banner by creating high-resolution hand-drawn images so I can retain the sketchy element. To add something more but subtle, I photoshopped the important elements such as the head, skeletons, and crown to have ‘dots’ in the shaded area. I hope it looks okay when being printed in original size.

I play with only two colors because…I don’t know what else to add in order to maintain the seriousness of it. I don’t want it to be as cheerful as my previous banner because in this new composition, there is an eye that is very sharp and full of emotion.

The process that I took is very traditional, almost like a photomanipulation + digital painting. Each element is manipulated and composed one by one. Then in order for my laptop not to crash, I flatten them after I’m satisfied the black-and-white composition. Coloring is the last step, and each element and corner of the banner is colored differently. It’s almost like a painting. I don’t know, I think this is my cup of tea even though it’s a lot of work.

Below is the progress. I hope it’s fine…

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