What Kind of Designer are You: Function, Human, or Emotion

Design is a decision. Design could be made out of void and nothingness. Design could be derived. And product design is specifically about the design of the form of the product. What does exactly affect the designer’s decision in deciding the right form of his creation? What does affect your decision? And what kind of designer are you?

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Marc Newson

The effortlessness of Naoto Fukasawa is captivating; the futuristic quirk of Ross Lovegrove is mind-blowing; the noble spirit of Yves Behar is inspiring; and the versatility of Karim Rashid is impeccable – but Marc Newson’s timelessness is luring. Marc Newson’s creations are designed once and for all – all times and all generation.

There is balance in Newson’s work. It is not showy nor starking, but enough to grab the minds to remember. It is not futuristic, present nor vintage, hence suitable for a lifetime. It may not be an ‘outer space’ innovation, but a ‘human kind’ creativity which captures the hearts of both public and experts. It pleases our senses and ego, as it brings more than just function but also comforts, beauty and social value. And that what makes Marc Newson one of the most wanted designers in the world throughout his 30 years of career.

The fact that Louis Vuitton hired him means Newson is a designer of LV calibre: classy, timeless, expensive, and coveted. Just take a look of his second latest collaboration with LV to create rolling luggages. He may not be from the high fashion world, where the air of luxury is more important than functionality, but he is able to incorporate functionality, innovation, and great fashion taste into this one luggage. Putting the whole handle outside the storage space allows more space for storage, and this is a genius move. Newson’s work adds an indispensable amount of value to the best luxury fashion brand in the world.

Then, Leica and Pentax are known not just for their great camera works but also their timeless design of the camera bodies; which would not happen without Newson. It may not be the most high-tech camera in the market, but less-photography-savvy people who are enthusiastic about photography could surely master this camera, thanks to its sleek and simple design.

Newson has also been hired by airlines such as Qantas to design their first class seat, which can only tell how trustworthy and fail-proof Newson’s design is – first class seats have to has the highest quality in both comfort and aesthetic, if not, the brand would be at stake.

Is Marc Newson the designer I am best identified with? Honestly, I am not sure, but I am sure Marc Newson is a designer I aspire to be.