PROJECT UPDATE 4: Sleeves and Final Coding


I am totally happy with the sleeves 🙂 because 80% of it is my own attempt! Galina did help me with measuring and a little bit of sewing method, but the rest is my own trial and error (so, if you look very closely to the sleeves, there are 4 different ‘folding’ pattern hahahahaha because I keep trying to see how the different placing of the fabric affect the drapes.)

Most importantly, it works! it drapes!!



Final Coding

I have consulted Naga about the coding and input factor, and we have decided just to tweek the code to make more variation of the lights’ colors and blinking.

Initially, I was thinking of doing something with the cable and attached a stretch cord: will increase in resistance when stretched, and affect the lights. However, the circuit itself is very fragile and it is one day left till the performance day. If something bad happen again to the circuit it will take more than one day to repair  because the belt has been arranged permanently (glue-guned).

Hence, we will play with blinking, fading and timing.

Now, I am going to continue the costume 🙂

PROJECT UPDATE 3: The Dance and The Light



I will describe it in words, since I have not have the time to record it myself.

  • *out of the screen* jump left right left right left right, slow down, jump faster again, until I reach the wall.
  • Screech the wall, slowly…until I drop on the floor.
  • Turn around while saying giant, giant, GIANT with varied volumes to different direction.
  • Stand up, using the body and choreography, I write my name “feli” on the floor.
  • Turning, spinning, half-squatting at different speed and direction.
  • Reaching the ‘i’, I jump, push and imaginary creature, and say gonna FIGHT IT.
  • Go slowly but firmly to the chair and do the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, GET READY
  • Stand up firmly and do the warrior fighting poses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, GET READY
  • Always look to the camera when saying get ready.

However, after I listen to the music Randall gave me, I think I might change some of the choreography because when there is music, my body tends to adapt to the music if I am going to give the most natural movement I have. That one, I have to practice it.

Overall, I really enjoy dancing as a warrior, because I feel that my natural movement is somehow warrior-like and if it’s a dance genre, it would be contemporary dance. Really grateful about it.


THE CODE IS DONE THANK YOU A BUNCH BUNCH TO NAGA he is such a genius and has a kind hearrtttt. He didn’t just help me with the coding, he even repairs my lilypad!! *singing* joy to the world!

So YES my lights lighted up my day!

But new problem arise. I can’t sew them to the belt…

Really really it was working when one strip was sewn! but when two strips were sewn none is light up. I cried. A little bit. SO, I haven’t continued it since then because I am legit afraid of doing them on my own. I need help from friends or mentors.


I plan to have the lights on my belt ready for the 9th April workshop. Gonna pray for it, amen.


But I should not share the bad news only, I should share the good news too :).

So, instead of using the silver fabric mesh just like in Project Update 2, I will use fused plastic bags!! which give really interesting texture and shape <3 <3 Loooovvveeee doing it!

belt 2 Belt 20160331_105156

When the lights are already installed…

VID_20160331_104915 from Feliciana Natali on Vimeo.


Trying to make bangle out of the fused plastic. Will need lots of trial until can really make a product out of the fused plastics. Holiday project hopefully X)


PROJECT UPDATE 2: The Black Robe

What I keep saying about Media&Performances to other people:

Oh my God, my UE is so difficult. First, coding is a whole new thing to me. Second, fashion is a whole new thing to me. So, the module is a whole new world (sing Aladdin). But whoa, you have no idea how much I have learned…

No pain no gain B).

Second Prototype

Yeap I decided to make the second prototype, because I felt something can be changed from the first prototype. I wanted to try smaller back pattern and pointed end for the front. At the same time, I used this opportunity to practice sewing. I took 1.5h just to set up the whole machine on my own without guidance. I am proud…

20160322_120545 20160322_120537

I kinda like it more, and because of time constraint, I went straight to the real fabric material: bridal satin.

What is bad about this pattern is the back side is too narrow for my bottom, but it fits well for my shoulder. Sigh, fashion is complicated. I appreciate those fashion maker more now…

The Black Robe

YEAAAHHHH Not 100% done but surely can be worn already. The belt still needs more thinking process on how to attach the lights to it because I think I want the electronics to be on the belt instead on the robe.

20160323_222428 20160323_22235520160323_222320 20160323_222211

What I like about the robe is that

  1. Yeah it looks classy B)
  2. Adjustable. The measurement is legit All Size.
  3. Really adjustable: a kimono top, a coat, an asymmetrical kimono and dunno what.
  4. I think I can wear this as daily wear afterwards XD

For the belt, it happened to be like that as a result of pure experimental. So that ‘mesh’ is not really flexible but can be folded. Initially I wanted to roll each cut pieces, but I put the glue gun a bit too much and spread out. So the glued part is asymmetrical and all. So I just thought “yeah just put the glue gun anywhere and fold it randomly.” From this belt, I learn the beauty of imperfection :)).

I might change the belt but yeah this looks quite right for me.


I was able to change the colors of the lights and sequence of the lights I could even get pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue, light violet, salmon pink colors of lights BUT I DONT KNOW HOW MY BABY LILYPAD BROKE DOWN OR SOMETHING I DONT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED IT WAS SOO HOT AND ‘ELECTROCUTE’ ME AND THEN DIED *cry*

So I reset it, but the port can’t be detected by my laptop!!! I need Naga so badly now and if it cant be used anymore I will have to buy the board ASAP (so faraway hiks). I pray hard now the board still can be used so I can do the coding immediately!!!

Yeah bad things did happen, so i’m behind for the electronics sigh…

Playing with expensive electronics is a source of heart attack. Beware…


The awesomeness level of this class IS ROCKETING <3 <3 I cant stop being grateful for all the guidance this week especially from Prof Galina and Naga. I think it was my first time to have a teacher who would stay with me and Xinhong up to 3AM in the morning T.T. Thank you so much Galina, I would do my best for my costume with all the energy I have.

And I feel that my passion is really in fashion :3, I really want to explore more <3


PROJECT UPDATE: First Encounter with Fashion-making


For the project Touch, I got the role of being the heroine. Hence, based on the initial design that I have made, the kimono-inspired outfit may fit a female warrior. Using $2/meter (the cheapest fabric available), I created a prototype of the mini kimono dress.



6072line 2675874026_590416f9a2_z

However, at the end of the day, Galina created a different pattern. I wanted it without sleeves first, so there is no sleeve patterns.


Mini Sleeveless Kimono Pattern


First Prototype

I made a prototype first in order not to waste expensive material. However, the downside is I can’t see the drapping of using such hard material. Still, I prefer to do this prototyping step so that I can keep the already cut pattern for future use (yeay I would be able to make my own clothes! one step at a time).

Photo Mar 17, 10 54 47 AM

Above was fresh from the sewing machine, and I tried to wear it. Pretty cool, I wouldn’t mind to make another ‘cardigan’ but not for this project. I like big collars tho.

Photo Mar 17, 11 05 06 AM Photo Mar 17, 11 10 36 AM

Above is the first drapping on a mannequin. Hmmmmm, no.

Photo Mar 17, 11 13 50 AM

Second drapping…Looks like my mom’s dress. no.

Photo Mar 17, 11 18 18 AM Photo Mar 17, 11 23 22 AM

FINALLY OKAY DONE. The next step is to pin them, try wearing it, and draw lines at all the folded part.

Photo Mar 17, 11 36 17 AM

Look fat here, wearing the kimono… i asked my mom why, and she said it’s probably because of the fabric type. Yeah, I need to buy the more flowy and thin fabric to really see the real piece. Rather than on the details and ornaments, I really pay attention to the cutting of an outfit. So, even if a dress is made of thousands of beautiful crystals/diamonds/whatever but it makes me look rounder/shorter/weird/off I wont wear it.


Hmmm, my design is so simple compared to my other friends. There is no need for boiling fabric or anything, it kinda worry me…. But again, the character is a warrior, who didn’t know that she would be a warrior (yeah, inspiration came after my skype-ing session with Angeline), so she might be just a peasant before she fight with the ‘giant’.

However, I think I would need a second layer for my kimono.

I think I will re-design my first design to get better visualization of it.

Overall, this is a very valuable, precious experience :))))))) I’m so happy that finally I make a clothing!!! Didn’t see this coming because NTU has no fashion major :/