Hello, My Name is…

Feliciana, and I’m moody.


ONE: The idea is my mood changes as fast as MRT. Trigger me, and within a few minutes you will see a different me. Well, this is a hyperbole. I’m not that wild. I still can control my self.Moody 1


TWO: in this abstract pattern, the different moods are represented in different color and lines, for e.g. the calm me is blue with straight lines, angry me is red with messy sharp lines, etc. I am dynamic and actually really expressive. I am able to show different colors of myself.



THREE: “mood swing” is the inspiration. Well, it’s like swinging your baseball bat. The ‘tip’ of my mood (which is my face), can change as the swing rotate.

Moody 3



This is a fun mini assignment. My favourite card is the first one, because it’s effectively communicating the message and relatable to the audience (MRT TV screen).