Pattern, Art, Design & Architecture: Mood-boards (week2)

As an Indonesian, I feel this class would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about Indonesia and showcase it. It does feel good to pay attention back to the place I used to call home.

The list of myths, supernatural stories, and even urban legends are endless due to Indonesia’s multicultural background; every province and tribe has its own stories. However, the legend of Padi caught my attention because of a personal experience of playing the role of a goddess in an Indonesian musical and padi is so important for my country.

I hope I can figure out the best way possible to execute this project and have a steep learning curve. Batik pattern is not easy to make, especially when inserting an individual authenticity into a cultural art that makes up the identity of a region.

WEEK 4 Journal: Reflection on Presentation

Temple Visit-7

Being the first group to present this semester was a challenge:

  1. We had only one week to prepare
  2. We had no idea what was the standard of the class
  3. We were quite busy at that time and it was pretty difficult to arrange a meeting for all of us to meet
  4. We were new faces to each other. We were lucky that we could work together immediately despite we just knew each other.


And after overcoming those challenges, we are satisfied and happy with our presentation. Some of the good points about our presentation are:

  1. Well-planned flow
  2. 80% original pictures
  3. Organized slides
  4. The use of different ‘props’: banana, jasmine air freshener, candies, 360Degree Video, in order to bring a more real experience of the temple.
  5. Interaction with audience (quiz)


However, there are parts in which we can improve:

  1. More formal attire for presentation would be good, e.g. blazer, shirt
  2. Wearing the same color as a team
  3. Time-management and more thorough content selection. We did our presentation more than 20 minutes and we might have done better with more practices.


Overall, that was a precious experience 🙂 and personally, that was my best presentation so far.

For the rest of the class, always do your best 😉 if you have the time to improve on whatever you are doing, just improve it :).

Temple Visit-4

PS: we went to this Buddha Tooth Relic Temple as well! it’s so grannddddd