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The only risk is not taking one!

[GF] Locale: Spread 3 – Process and Development

References Spread 3 focuses on the legacy of Khiam Teck party supplies store. Not only does this store carry party supplies, it sells nostalgic old-school toys as well. The store itself hasn’t changed since the 60s. With its traditional store design, it definitely stands out in the midsts of hipster cafes and modern banks. My motifs for this spread will be… Read more →

[EI] Final Project: Play, Draw and Point – Development

Inspired by the works of Blast Theory, a UK-based performance group that creates interactive performances that engage the public community in site-specific locations, we were assigned to re-create similar collaborative performances using Singapore as our stage. We will be using the social media, Instagram as a secondary platform. The performance that we create aims to stretch art into life, breaking… Read more →

[EI] Symposium Hyperessay

Introduction In this hyperessay, I will be highlighting the segments of the symposium that stood out the most to me, namely Annie Abraham’s performance ‘Online Ensemble – Entanglement Training’ and two of Blast Theory’s works, ‘Kidnapped’ and ‘My One Demand’. All the works that will be mentioned have one thing in common – they encompassed the concept of DIWO and… Read more →

[GF] Locale: Front and Back Cover – Process and Development

Please refer to this post for the big idea and visual research before proceeding with this post! Ideation Since my idea revolves around the theme of family, here is a diagram of the possible concepts that I can use to represent family. Execution Tryout 1: I started by deconstructing the iconic Holland Village windmill and Holland Road Shopping Center into… Read more →

[GF] Locale: Refined Idea + Visual Research

The Big Idea Observations: From my interviews and online research, one thing that all these stores have in common are that they have a rich and long history. It is encouraging to see family businesses still thriving despite the economy and the younger generation being willing to continue the legacy of their forefathers.   Insight:  Holland Village may be well-known… Read more →

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