[EI] Micro-Project #3: Telematic Embrace

I am sure that all of us are no stranger to web-conferencing platforms such as Skype and Google Hangouts. Therefore, the experience of seeing one another through a screen in real time is something that we are familiar with.

However, what is out of the norm for me is the fact that I have never been in a video conference with so many people before! The vast number of people gives us the opportunity to execute this micro-project, where everybody plays a small part to contribute to the overall collective effort. My biggest takeaway from this project is understanding that the third space can become a playground too. Although we may not share the same physical space or time, the third space is able to unite us and we are able to have fun too!


For this interaction, we used our arms to form a gigantic cross across the screen. I learned that it takes effort and co-ordination to execute something like this. Factors such as the angle of our arms and our proximity to our webcam play a part in making this piece successful. This does aid in team bonding because it requires co-ordination and synchronicity, 
Creating a blue collage using various items. What makes this collage interesting are the different textures and shades of blue.
This photo was taken on New Year’s Day this year when my friends and I were counting down. Out of the blue, I suggested that my friend (the one on the right) and I each make half a heart with our arms, so that together we will form one heart.  This was way before I knew the term ‘the third space’. Therefore, I concluded that we are more in tune with the third space than we think!


It’s interesting to think even though the third space is not tangible like our physical space, it is just as real and important as our physical space. However, some spend so much time in the third space that it affects their relationship with others. Just do a quick search of the keywords ‘put your phone away‘ and there are tons of articles explaining why it is important strike a balance between spending our time in the first and third space. I myself have friends who are always glued to their phones and it is evident that they’re not sharing the moment with me, even though they are physically here with me. That is pretty annoying and disrespectful in my opinion! This goes to show how impactful the third space is.

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