[EI] Micro-Project #6: The Art of the Meme

Here are the memes that Zhen Qi and I came up with during lesson!

‘Bojio’ is a Hokkien slang used when your friends didn’t invite you out with them.

This micro-project is probably my favourite thus far! Meme-making is a favourite past time of my friends and I because they reflect our stressful school lives in a humorous manner. Surprisingly, it is stress-reliving to poke fun at our stressful lives through memes. I guess you can say that memes can be used as a coping mechanism!

Many people are able to relate to the scenario reflected in memes and this creates a shared experience amongst the people. Memes also presents a light-hearted perspective and does not take itself too seriously, which is why many people love memes because sometimes you just need a break from all the seriousness in life!

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