[EI] Micro-Project #8: I Am My Desktop

This is my desktop as it is, no staging whatsoever. I do my best to keep my desktop neat, but due to the amount of work that I have to get done every day, I usually only organise all my files at the end of each semester. My laptop wallpaper has remained the same for as long as I had this laptop, which is around 2 years ago. It is a screenshot of a music video by one of my favourite composers. I like it because it is minimalistic and it gives room for my folders.

The right side of my desktop features the important folders that I often visit. They are mainly concerning school work, such as the modules that I’m currently taking, my old art works, inspirations, etc. You can even see an ‘NTU Enrolment folder’ still hanging out there. Of course, there are other personal folders such as music and other personal projects that I’m working on.

The left side of my desktop features random folders that I don’t usually visit, but they are still essential. For example, I have my e-concert tickets that I needed to print out, a folder that contained all the photos that I took while I was in Japan, etc.

The apps that I have on the dock are apps that I need for school, such as the Adobe suite and Microsoft apps.

When I’m outside without my charger or without a power outlet, I close all the apps that I’m not using so as to prolong my laptop’s battery life. That explains why I don’t have many apps open, only the ones that I currently need are open, such as Google Chrome or Telegram.

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