[EI] Micro-Project #9: Video Selfie

I am anonymous because I like the idea of being mysterious. I am fluid because I am adaptable to my situations.

As an extremely camera-shy person, I am uncomfortable appearing on camera. Hence, I am totally fine with the idea of personification. That aside, I also feel that staying anonymous exudes an air of mystery which I really like, hence I opted to not reveal my identity in this video selfie.

The location that I’ve chosen for this video selfie is my hall room because this is where I feel the most comfortable in and where I can be myself.

I wanted my alter ego to be an extension who I am in real-life. Since I’m aspiring to be an illustrator and hand-lettering artist, the wooden pencil/wacom pen is the perfect tool to represent myself! The change from the wooden pencil to the wacom pen reflected my desire to master both traditional and digital artistic skills. Ideally, I want to be an artist who is well-rounded in different kinds of mediums.

More than just showcasing my passion, I wanted to let my viewers know a little more about myself by revealing my surroundings using my writing tool. For example, my pencil points to a few strings of laundry that were drying indoors, showcasing my ability to think outside the box and come up with a creative solution when there was not enough space for laundry outdoors. I also showcased my love for naps!

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