[F&V] Pandora Revisited: 3 Modules

It’s the Pandora’s Box once again! This time, we are required to develop modules using key words. The lucky key words that I got this time are Fracture, Reflect and Array.

  • Fracture: A chip off the block
  • Reflect: Symmetrical
  • Array: An arc is form when the modules are placed together

We will also be making these modules out of clay and it’s the first time I’ve been exposed to clay. Hence, I don’t have high hopes that my clay modules will turn out well because I have no sculpting experience. But I shall do my best and have fun while I’m at it, so here I go!


Module 1:

This module is inspired by net playgrounds!

Front, side, and 3/4 views


2D Sketch Analysis:


Section views:


Module 2:

This module is inspired by the scales of fish!

Front, back and side views. The module curves slightly so that the form (when many modules tesselate together) will not be flat. Unfortunately, I accidentally held this module with too much force and it broke! I could only use the masking tape as a bandage to fix it back together…


2D Sketch Analysis:

The analysis features the accurate proportions of this module. My clay module’s dimensions isn’t the accurate one!


Section Views:

Module 3:

This module is inspired by the shells of the pistachio nut!

Front, side, top and bottom views


2D Sketch Analysis:


Section Views:


Isometric View:


Rejected Module:

This was the initial Module 3. You could see the similarities in the chip at the top of the module. I rejected it because it looked like a clothes peg, it only occurred to me after the clay dried. Not just that, I was unable to tesselate or arrange the modules together in a pleasing manner.

Front, side, bottom and top views


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