[F&V] Pandora Revisited: Silicone Ice Tray

After selecting one out of the three modules to work with, it’s time to get on to the fun part – making the silicone mould! Therefore, this post is dedicated to the technical drawings of my ideal ice tray and the process of making it.

To recap, my key words are fracture, reflect and array.


Individual Module

Isometric drawing for individual module


Technical Drawings for Ideal Ice Tray

Plan View:

I arranged my modules in a circular formation, hence fulfilling the key word ‘array’.


Elevation View:


Isometric View:



Latex Mould and Plaster of Paris Replicas

Latex mould:

I made latex moulds for two different versions of my module because I couldn’t make up my mind on which to use initially!


Plaster of Paris replicas:

I propped my latex moulds up using latex cups so that the plaster of paris can solidify. As you can see in the picture on the left, I made a scaffolding out of artcard and wires to prevent the module replicas from inflating. But I realized that the scaffolding wasn’t necessary since my module replicas came out alright!
Lining them up like soldiers! The fatter module replicas were unsuccessful because they lost a foot (bottom right) in the process of removing them from the latex mould, but they did gained an extra leg on the left side…

Fortunately, the skinny module replicas came out nicely!


Silicone Mould

Possible arrangements:


Final mould:

I have to thank Zhen Qi and Jocelyn for helping me pour the silicone for my modules because I wasn’t able to make it on Saturday. Thanks so much gals!

The scaffolding that I made for my silicone mould is in a triangular shape so that I won’t use up too much silicone.
Removing the plaster replicas out was a big challenge because the legs of the replicas were stuck to the silicone. I had no choice but to break the replicas in order to get them out. As you can see in the picture, the legs remained in the silicone mould, so I had to use a pencil to dig them out.



Ice Tray

Since there’s small holes at the bottom of the silicone mould, I had to patch them up with clear tape and super glue.
Presenting… (drum rolls) the first ice module! I’m really happy at how it turned out! Really thankful that the legs didn’t break off when trying to get them out.



Now that I look back at my module, I do agree that the ‘fracture’ element can be more obvious. As for this project, I really enjoy it because I got to experience so many new materials such as clay, latex, plaster and silicone! To be honest, I was quite intimidated by the clay because I’m not good with crafting, let alone sculpting. But the modules turned out to be better than I expected so I guess the skills comes with practice (as always). I’m really happy to see this project from the start to finish, it has been a great ride!

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