[GF] Locale: Spread 2 – Process and Development


Spread 2 focuses on the legacy of Wellie Batik Fashions. From my primary and secondary research, I noticed that Mr Ang (founder of Wellie Batik Fashions) loves to wear a particular shirt! Therefore, I presume that this shirt is his favourite!


My motifs will be heavily inspired by the batik designs in this photo:





Development 1:

Since the word ‘batik’ originates from the Javanese tik and means ‘to dot’, my motifs will be in circular shapes.

  • Trying out different circular patterns. I’ve decided to go with the last one, which is a combination of the first 2.


Development 2:


Development 3:

  • Trying out different colour schemes and colour combinations for the motifs, so that they won’t look so monotonous throughout.
  • I felt that the arrangement of the motifs could be improved because looking at the current design from far, it’s overwhelming with details and there’s no sense of rhythm.


Development 4:

  • Playing around with different arrangements of the motifs. I started reducing the number of motifs so that there will be more breathing space in the design, this way, the design won’t feel so overwhelming.
  • I decided to go with the last design since I felt that it was the most aesthetically pleasing among the 3.
  • Mimi mentioned that the flower petals motifs in the reference photo have 8 petals but the main motifs only have 4. So it would be more accurate and apparent to ensure that my motif designs follow through with 8 petals too!


Development 5:

  • Changed the colour of the motif designs to orange (according to the cover page’s colour scheme) as a reference back to Holland Village itself.
  • Like the other spreads, this spread initially feature stitches as well, but as you can see, you can’t see them! They blend into the motifs so I decided to remove them completely.


Final design (after test print and adjustments):

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