[GF] Locale: Spread 3 – Process and Development


Spread 3 focuses on the legacy of Khiam Teck party supplies store. Not only does this store carry party supplies, it sells nostalgic old-school toys as well. The store itself hasn’t changed since the 60s. With its traditional store design, it definitely stands out in the midsts of hipster cafes and modern banks.

My motifs for this spread will be heavily inspired by the store’s traditional design, as well as the eclectic range of toys that it carries.





Development 1:

  • Since the green tiles are tessellated in a diagonal manner, I thought of using them to divide the quilt into different sections. In these sections, I can feature motifs depicting toys, party supplies, etc.
  • But I felt that the ‘X’ is too prominent and it doesn’t suit the feel of the store as well. People might misinterpret the ‘X’ as abolishment of the store, or maybe I’m thinking too much into it. Either way, I’m not confident of this design!
  • There’s also too much details and it’s difficult on the eyes.


Development 2:

  • To simplify what I had from the previous development, I decided to allow the tiles to tessellate diagonally across, dividing the quilt into 2 instead of 4.
  • Again, I felt that there’s just too much details going on.
  • The diagonal design makes it inconsistent with the rest of the spreads. The other spreads have a focal point in the middle, then the eyes are lead outwards.


This design makes it difficult for the colour scheme to look cohesive too.


Development 3:

  • More consistent design with the rest of the spreads since there’s a focal point in the middle.
  • This design was shown to Mimi and her comments were that the traditional motifs don’t reflect the fact that this store is a toy/party supply store. There’s a need for more toy motifs to tell the audience the nature of this store.


Development 4:

  • I decided to go back to square one and settle the arrangement of the motifs first.
  • The second one was chosen because I felt that it gave me more freedom to play around with the type of motifs that I can place into the allocated spaces.


Development 5:

  • I feel that this design showcases the traditional and toys/party supplies aspects of the store well.
  • The green tiles and old-school motifs are the most prominent part of the design because I want to remind the readers that this store has been around for a really long time and did not succumb to the modern standards of what a store should look like.
  • Biggest challenge now: Figuring out the colour scheme of the toys/party supplies motifs because they are to be colourful, yet I have to ensure that the overall colour scheme is still cohesive.


Development 6:

  • Initial design of the spread title
  • I wanted to vary this title from the rest by placing one word at the bottom of the thread, and the other at the top. But it read as ‘Teck Khiam Party Supplies’.


Final design (after test print and adjustments):

  • Red background brings out the colours of the quilt, also points back to the Chinese heritage that the store has.
  • Pinwheels have a prominent part in the quilt design as well since they’re hung all over the store.
  • Colour schemes of the toys/party supplies motifs are taken from the pinwheel’s pastel colours.
  • Overall, I’m satisfied with this spread because the pastel colours give the quilt a sense of child-likeness. At the same time, the greens and reds point back to the traditional aspect of the store.

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