[HoD] Creative Response 1 – Rebus

My Rebus:




‘Francesca’ is pronounced as ‘fran-chess-kuh’

When I was younger, I used to loathe my name because it is pretty complicated and many children weren’t able to pronounce it properly. Even I myself didn’t know the actual pronunciation until I googled it. So for a long period of time, I went by ‘fran-sass-kah’ or ‘fran-sis-kah’. If I had kept with these pronunciations, my Rebus would have a slightly different look!

Over the years of growing up, I’ve grown to love my unique name. It makes a great pun too since many of my friends like to say to me, “You’re my friend, Fran.”.





Icon credits:

  • Friend by BomSymbols from the Noun Project
  • Chess by Joni Ramadhan from the Noun Project
  • Car by Evgeny Filatov from the Noun Project


Class Exercises:

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