[PD II] Aesthetics of Products

Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Tower Fan:

I feel that the aesthetics of Dyson’s bladeless fan takes into account mainly the function and human factors. Despite having no blades, the fan still fulfils its function – blowing blasts of air into the environment. It is able to achieve this because of its hollow cylindrical design. This hollow design contributes to its futuristic look and feel, which is in line with its revolutionary technology. As for the human factors, the fact that this fan is bladeless meant that it is safe for anybody to be near. Parents no longer have to fear that their curious children would stick their fingers through a fan’s grilles, risking their safety.


FRASERA glass tumblers:

Image source: https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/60216304/

I feel that emotion is the main contributor to the aesthetics of these FRASERA glass tumblers. These glass tumblers function like any other drinking cup. However, unlike any other drinking cup, these glass tumblers are specially designed to enhance the fragrance and taste of the beverage that they hold. The subtle shape and weight of the tumblers are taken into account in order to achieve these enhancements. Hence, the emotion (or experience) that the drinker gets will be unordinary.

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