[PD II] Red Dot Museum Field Trip

Out of the many interesting products on display at the Red Dot Museum, the most memorable product to me is the URI LED Light Bulb.

Image source: https://www.napmaker.com/shop

The URI LED light bulb is designed by a Hong Kong-based design firm called NAP and has won the reddot award 2018 in the lighting category.

Unlike a traditional light bulb, this light bulb is segmented into different pieces and each piece features minimalistic engraved lines. Because it is colourless, the light bulb does not attract attention to itself and may quietly blend into its background. Despite this, this light bulb stands out even from a distance due to the way the natural light bounces off the transparent pieces. When the bulb is lit, it exudes an ethereal vibe due to the way light diffuses from the engraved design. This alone makes the light bulb a very captivating and pleasing product to look at. Moreover, the segmented and clean design is a fresh take on how a light bulb can look. Light bulbs are no longer mediocre or old-fashioned, but they can be futuristic too.

There is no doubt that this light bulb is functional too since it does its job of providing lighting to spaces. What makes it even better is the fact that it is energy-saving and has a long lifespan, hence minimising its environmental footprint. It is cool to see companies that consider their environmental impact too.

The final verdict is that the URI LED light bulb has met all the requirements in terms of aesthetics and function, making it an excellent product.


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