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[HoD] Minimalism Art Movement

Overview     Minimalism (also known as ABC art, literal art, reductive art) is a major movement of postmodernist art. It started in the late 1950s but only peaked from mid to late 1960s. Minimalism artists created objects which often blurred the boundaries between painting and sculpture, and were characterised by unitary, geometric forms and industrial materials. There are three… Read more →

[EI] Reading 2: The Big Kiss (2007) by Annie Abrahams

Research Critique on ‘The Big Kiss’ (2007) by Annie Abrahams ‘The Big Kiss’ (2007) is a performance installation by Annie Abrahams. Using webcam technology, two performers engaged in the act of kissing through a split screen. Annie Abrahams is intrigued by the ‘possibilities and limits of communication in general and more specifically investigates its modes under networked conditions’. Hence, her… Read more →

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