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[EI] Micro-Project #2: Tele-Stroll

Journey from the East to West Posted by Francesca Nio on Saturday, 20 January 2018 Concept: This tele-stroll is a collaboration between Yue Ling and myself. As Yue Ling lives in the west and I live in the east, this tele-stroll compares and contrast the differences between these 2 sides of Singapore.   Process and Development Ideation: Possible ideas Scavenger… Read more →

[EI] Micro-Project #1: Experiment in Social Broadcasting

For school! Posted by Francesca Nio on Thursday, 18 January 2018 https://thirdspacenetwork.com/public-video-wall/   What was my social broadcasting experience like? This is my first social broadcasting experience and I was hesitant about it initially because I don’t like filming myself and hearing my voice on video especially. But to my surprise, the broadcast was pretty fun and I wasn’t as… Read more →

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