Heng Tong_G4_Assignment 2_Little Red Riding Hood in the Party Invitation

The Party Invitation

PG | 169s | Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy

Based on the popular fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault, innocent Little Red Riding Hood gets invited to a Party by the Sheep. However, catastrophe results when the Party turns out to be a scheme to lure Little Red Riding Hood into the hands of the Big Bad Wolf.

Beneath lies the making of the Image Sequence ‘The Party Invitation’. Be sure to catch the video from the link posted above before scrolling down!



The Image Sequence is based on the fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, and shot using miniature toys as the Characters.

Due to use of toys, the exact portrayal of the Characters for each image needed to be thoroughly and carefully thought out and executed with precision.

The preparation process was the most tedious as the Settings, the casting of the Characters, as well as the Costume designs had to be sourced, if not done from scratch.

Sourced Characters and Materials for Costumes
Costumes are made using Needle and Thread


Fine-tuning Backgrounds for Setting
Workspace for the final shoot Background made of shoebox, Cutting mat made up the base
Careful arrangement of the miniature toys for each individual frame
Additional help from Sister/ Owner of the dolls
Red Bull kicking into the system
Red Bull kicking into the system




Initial Storyboard

Initial Storyboard with Initial Storyline
Initial Storyboard with Initial Storyline

3 Act Structure

Act One – Setup

Little Red Riding Hood goes into a secluded house for a Party invited by the Sheep (Inciting Incident). As she drinks the cocktail handed to her by the Sheep, she felt queasy and eventually passed out (Plot Point #1).

Act Two – Confrontation

The Sheep finally shows his true identity, as the Big Bad Wolf (Twist). Just as the Big Bad Wolf is about to kill Little Red Riding Hood, the Pig appears to safe Little Red Riding Hood (Plot Point #2).

Act Three – Resolution

The Pig confronts the Big Bad Wolf (Climax). Little Red Riding Hood wakes up the following morning to a hearty breakfast made up of the Wolf’s meat (Conclusion).

Character Profiles


Little Red Riding Hood (played by Annabelle)

Little Red Riding Hood is portrayed as the innocent protagonist. She is seen as the feeble character that carries the plot into an interesting juncture. Red Cape is iconic to the fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, majority audience are already able to anticipate the events to follow even in the storyline.


the Sheep/ Big Bad Wolf (played by Wolfboy)

The Sheep/ Big Bad Wolf is portrayed as the villain. A disguise of character provides an interesting twist in the story. Character is based on the saying ‘ Wolf in Sheep’s clothing’, as well as the portrayal of Wolf from the actual fairy tale.


the Pig (played by the Bear)

The Pig is portrayed as the hero. Played by the Bear with the use of an artificial Pig Nose. The Pig is chosen as the hero as a character based on a separate fairy tale – ‘The Three Little Pigs”. References include the dressing style of the Pig, and the Brick House that the Pig resides in in the final scene. In the story, Pig enters the fray and confronts his arch-nemesis, Big Bad Wolf. The use of a backstory further enhances the storyline, and the audience will find fun in deciphering the references.



The use of extras to enhance a atmosphere of the storyline. Unfortunately, due to image limitations, the scenes with the extras are cut down to a mere 1 scene.




Through this exercise, I learnt to pay attention to really small details of planning and directing the whole image sequencing process, as each individual image needed to be carefully thought out.

The preparation process took up a lot of time as I wanted to make each image as believable as can be. Therefore each Character casted was hand picked, and the backgrounds and costumes are done from scratch.

Making the toys stand in a certain posture to emulate a certain emotion was quite difficult as well. I learnt to make use of certain aids to hold the postures but at the same time not hindering the overall credibility of the individual image. For instance,  the female protagonist (Little Red Riding Hood) needed to be planted to the ground in order for the Character to stand. Blue tac was added to her feet for her to stand, and sculpted to mimic her wearing shoes.

While editing, I realised that the timeframe for each image to be shown is the key to enhancing the mood of the video. If the frame changes too fast, the audience will not be able to fully understand each image, if too slow will hinder the flow of the story telling. The challenge was to get the speed of the story telling just right. Use of transitions can also further enhance the flow.

I also mimicked the typical styles of portraying a film, like the way the video is introduced, the use of transitions in between frames as well as how the credits are rolled.

The absence of a background audio further challenged the story telling as the emotions of each image needed to be portrayed with just the image and text.

Overall I feel really happy with my final outcome and I had fun working out the process!


That’s a Wrap!

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