Nursery Rhymes: Three Blind Mice


Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice! Three blind mice!
See how they run! See how they run!
They all ran after the farmer’s wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife.
Did you ever see such a thing in your life
As three blind mice?


I began my research process on the Origin of the nursery rhyme. Even when reading the rhyme as it is, there is a sense of darkness and gore. The Origin justifies this idea.

The nursery rhyme dates back to the story of a trio of Protestant bishops plotting against the Queen Mary “Bloody Mary” Tudor, ultimately fails and were subsequently blazed by the order of the Queen.

Thus, the overall theme is Dark/ Disturbing/ Gory/ Sinister/ Creepy.


My inspiration is based on the Da-Da Movement photo collages.

4 Final Selected Artwork


Three Blind Mice! Three Blind Mice!

Three blind mice! Three blind mice! 

The artwork is a minimalistic interpretation on how we as human beings perceive mice as. It depicts the three blind mice scampering away. I used the idea of mice looking very similar to each other, from the eyes of a human being. Thus I added the same head to all three mice. I made use of the infamous character of Peter Pettigrew from the Harry Potter series as he is the epitome of the Mouse character.


1-01See how they run! See how they run!

The artwork compromises of 3 different individuals running. The idea follows the first artwork of imposing a different head to the body. This time round, the idea is reversed as the mouse head is added to the human body. Also, each individual, a small kid/ an athlete/ a gentleman , is holding onto a walking stick. The walking sticks are reinterpretated into a candy stick for the kid, a javelin for the athlete and a Japanese toothpick for the gentleman. The ‘X’ letter depicts blindness of the characters. Lastly I played with the shape of an eye forming the border of the artwork, to signify the running individuals reflected in the retina of an eye.


4-01-01 They all ran after the farmer’s wife,

This artwork is based on the origin of the Nursery Rhyme, and I perceived the three blind mice as courageously facing the farmer’s wife, who is not phased by their confrontation. For this artwork, I played with the use of juxtaposing animal head (Cat) on a human body; and human head on an animal’s body (Mouse). The three blind mice are seen leaping towards the farmer’s wife. I made use of the moustache of a man as a whisker of a mouse and a tail. The Farmer’s wife is purring and breathing fire out of her mouth, having a haughty expression. I also inverted the background colour and play with the negative film effect.


3-final-01-01Who cut off their tails with a carving knife.

For this artwork, I played with the dark, sadistic notion with gory effects. I made the background off-centre to give more dynamism to the artwork. Again, the idea of juxtaposing from the previous artwork, is inverted. The blind mice are seen having their tails cut out, with blood spilling all over. The farmer’s wife is in a Cat’s body and leaping out with a knife that is dripping blood.


I began my process by sourcing for magazines for cut-outs, but I wasn’t able to really get inspired by the diversity of the majority images. I moved on to Photography books and also made use of images from the internet and movie screen caps.


Initial Artworks

“Three blind mice! Three blind mice! See how they run! See how they run!”

“They all ran after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife.”


Three blind mice! Three blind mice!

See how they run! See how they run!


They all ran after the farmer’s wife,

Who cut off their tails with a carving knife.



I personally love the Nursery Rhyme theme for this assignment. I have always been intrigued by Surrealism and Dadaism, therefore I was pretty happy working on this project.

Initially I wanted to base all my illustrations on purely magazine prints, but the images gathered was not strong enough, which in a sense killed off a lot of working time.

Overall I do feel that my final images do not really convey my intention and ideas as much as I would have liked. However, I am really pleased with the ideation behind each artwork and I am still happy with the final outcome.




Assignment 3: Re-telling Myths ‘Dear Santa… Love, Richard’

final _poster-01Dear Santa… Love, Richard

PG | Family, Drama, Fantasy | Coming Soon

Disaster unfolds after seven-year-old wealthy youth, Richard Kim writes a heartfelt letter to Santa Claus in a bid to kindle his parents’ love to him.

Writer: Foo Heng Tong

Poster Illustrated by: Foo Heng Tong

Tagline: Do YOU believe in Santa?

Based On

Based on a traditional Jewish tale, ” Can It Get Any Worse?”  (Story: Link)

and the myth of the existence of “Santa Claus”.

Storyline | Plot Synopsis

Richard Kim is a boy conceived on Christmas Day. He is fortunate, for he is the child of the wealthiest couple who lives in the largest house of the County.

Richard Kim’s father is a workaholic. He is a higher-up at an established firm and works long hours. Richard’s mother is a former beauty queen, and party animal who would turn up to any social gatherings. Both parents are too wrapped up in their own lives to take genuine care of Richard. Richard’s upbringing is left to the care of their humble housekeeper, Priya, who brought Richard up as a humble youth.

Richard has always been showered with toys from his parents. These material goods are the closest to his interactions with his parents. Richard can only catch glimpse of his Father every morning before he heads to work, and his Mother every night before she attends her social gatherings. Every night, as Priya tucks Richard into his bed, Richard falls asleep in the dead silence of the night. Richard longed for his parents’ love.

Christmas is arriving. Richard’s seventh birthday is coming up. Priya casually asks Richard what present he is anticipating this time. Richard slowly confines Priya for his long of his parents’ love. Priya tells Richard that he can make a wish to Santa Claus by writing a letter addressed to him at North Pole. Richard excitedly pens down his wish to Santa Claus. Priya brings Richard to the Post Box to deposit his letter.

It is the Eve of Christmas. Richard spends it with Priya as his Father is on a business trip and his mother is attending a Christmas party. After tucking in that night, Richard is awoken by a loud ‘Thud’ sound that broke the silence of the night. The sound grew increasing loud and eventually reaches his room. The door to his room opened. An obese white-bearded man in red suit and carrying a huge bag emerges from the shadows. Richard’s eyes widen as he sees Santa Claus standing in his bedroom. Santa Claus calms a frightened Richard down, reaches under his huge bag, takes out a letter and hands it to him. Santa Claus tells Richard to keep his presence a secret, and to only open the letter in the morning. Then Santa Claus leaves the bedroom, and the night became silent again. Richard springs up and tries to chase after Santa Claus but to no avail.

Dawn arrives. Richard wakes up from his bed thinking about the peculiar dream he had the night before. However, he realizes he is clutching on the letter sent by Santa Claus on his right hand. Richard opens the letter, and the letter writes, “ Your wish shall be granted. With love, Santa”.

Richard burst out of his bedroom and down to the kitchen to see Priya making breakfast. Richard’s parents are absent as usual. Priya wishes Richard a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday. Richard opens his presents from under the Christmas tree but nothing seem to interest him as the bizarre happening filled his head.

Almost all at once, bizarre situations started unfolding. Mr. Kim started making errors at work. He began to be relieved off many duties and started spending more time at home. Meanwhile Mrs. Kim becomes an outcast due to Mr. Kim’s drop in reputation, and is subsequently chased out of a party.

Richard finds the newfound presence of his parents at home warming, albeit strange. Even as he started having small talks with his parents, he cannot shake off the guilty feeling that the whole situation began due to his letter to Santa Claus.

Slowly, luxurious items in the house started disappearing as Mr. Kim started having difficulty keeping up with the expense of their expensive lifestyle. Richard also started having less and less toys to play with. Their luxurious lifestyle is being relieved at an alarming rate.

Eventually, Mr. Kim is sacked, and is declared bankrupt. He goes home and finds a devastated Mrs. Kim. Meanwhile movers start moving their furniture out of the house. Mr and Mrs Kim quarrels but Mr. Kim reassures Mrs. Kim that he will make things better and that he loves her. They kiss and embrace.

The Kim Family moves into a one-bedroom apartment, of Priya’s, who no longer works for them. Priya hands the Kims the keys, pats Richard’s head and leaves. Mrs. Kim cooks for the family as Richard helps Mr. Kim unpack, and the family have a fun time together.

Night comes and Richard is sandwiched between his parents on a double mattress. Richard feels comfort in the warmth of his parents. However, Richard feels responsible for his father’s plight and finally confesses that the whole situation took a turn for the worse due to his letter to Santa Claus. Mr. Kim tells Richard that he is not to be blamed, and that he would like to thank Santa for bonding his precious family. He also tells Richard that whatever wish he has in future he can tell him, and he will do whatever it takes, for whatever wish Richard wishes for shall be granted. Mr. Kim winks at Richard.

As Richard lies in the warmth of his parents, he is disrupted by the snores of his father. Richard smiles and drifts off to sleep.

The scene zooms out of the bedroom and into the sky. A tall, skinny, ginger-bearded man dressed in red leather suit rides on his levitating motorcycle in the night sky, and fades into the horizon.

3 Act Structure Dissected

Story is retold in a Modern Context.

o   The main protagonist of the original folklore ‘Can It Get Any Worse?’ is the farmer. This story is retold in the perspective of the farmer’s child.

o   Poor farmer’s family is retold as the Wealthiest family of the County.

o   Story begins as Richard sleeps in the dead silence of the night, and ends as him sleeping with the distracting snores from his accompanying Parents. This is contrary to the original folklore as the farmer had problems sleeping with his noisy family, and ends up sleeping in peace and quiet.

o   Plays on the idea of the innocence of a child’s imagination/ that the disaster that unfolds is due to his wish (letter).

o   Infused with the myth of the existence of Santa Claus; that Santa Claus is in fact played by the Father/ Or does Santa Claus really do exist, and if so how does he look like? Has he caught up with the trends of the current era and thus dresses differently from our expectations?


Fonts used: Schoolbell Font by Font diner/ Kindergarten by Geronimo SF Movie Poster by ShyFonts

Movie Poster
Movie Poster