= legible. readable. appealing

using typeface to evoke emotion.

research on reference artists | 3D | where exist typography

El Lissitzky .

Russian. Suprematism. Constructivism . avant-garde. abstract. geometric. art. typography


interesting use of letter as figures.


Futurism. Italian. 

generally very similar font used.


DADA. Switzerland

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text are random and take up all spaces available.

research on reference artists 3D | where exist typography

3D typography

research on reference artists | 3D | where exist typography

Album Art

Movie Posters


Hello. my name is hengtong.

Hello. 2D II began with the class activity of Hello name cards.

We were given a blank piece of paper to ideate, and subsequently consulted Professor Joy who further developed the ideas.


Typography . Abstract . Conceptual

THISISHT. is a nickname I entitle my virtual self. An ironic play on a not-so-clean phrase such that people often do double takes to realise. I played on the idea of an illusion of mirror imaging.




Typography . Abstract . Conceptual

Drawing and sketching isn’t my forte. I prefer to use found objects to aid in my works. Often, an element of surprise exists as you don’t know what to expect when using such mediums.

I made use of tapes to construct the letters ‘h’ and ’t’, of the initials of my given name. I then coloured the blank spaces with colours. This idea reminded me of the ‘De Stij’ art movement. Mainly the painting ‘Composition C’ by Pier Mondroin.


While taking out the tape from the card after colouring, the tears from the sticky tape onto the paper creates the surprise element such that the final  outcome cannot be replicated.



Typography . Abstract . Conceptual

Initially I planned on using flora and fauna to create a total random outcome. I further developed into zooming into the cells of the plants and found some really interesting findings.

I found the size and placement of the cells forming an illusion of letter really interesting. Through some ideation I derived at my final outcome of rearranging the cells to form the letters ‘ht’, the initials of my given name.