(10) Depreciation of the World – PROGRESS (1)





Based upon the common themes of the 3 projects merged into 1:

Dying Culture | Endangered Environment | Extinct Animals 


A Window to another Realm.




Depletion of animals in Singapore due to constant emergence of buildings and clearing of land to accommodate growing human population.

To raise awareness of the endangered species of animals in Singapore and the environment through an interactive screen-based installation. To send a message that questions Human Methods through Human Interactions.


An interactive screen-based installation that makes use of Shadow Gestures from the users, to form an interactive narrative that dictates the balance/ imbalance of constant human activities versus wildlife through the user’s interaction.


Environment + Animals + Human Interaction = Circle of Life

+ Use of human experience by human interaction through shadow gestures of animals/ trees.

+ Different types of shadow gestures to showcase different types of animals / trees.

+ Screen captures the shadow gestures and translates the form of animal/ tree into the narrative screen that depicts another realm. Visuals consist of silhouettes of animals / trees.

+ Users are able to experience the interaction of wildlife in their natural habitat through the depiction of the other realm in the screen.

+ Screen also serves as an interaction platform. Touching the animals will show animation of the animal dodging user. Touching the trees will turn them into buildings. This depicts the poetic notion of human intervention in the environment through literal human touch.

+ Sustaining the experience of balance between the wildlife and the modern technology of buildings will warrant users to keep ‘planting’ animals and trees into the realm whilst trees will continue to transform into man-made architectures like buildings, HDB Flats etc.

+ As such, with more buildings sprouting, the animals will disappear. Eventually, the buildings overwhelm the wildlife and constant sprout will eventually fill the screen as black.

+ End of one cycle with a text that raises awareness (TBC)

+ A renewed life cycle begins

Takeaways from Class Session

+ Refining types of Animals

+Identifying trees

+Research of endangered animals

+Identifying shadow gestures

+Placement of Installation

to be continued.

Author: Heng Tong Foo

in pursuit of happiness.

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