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Garden | City



Final Concept

‘Garden | City’ takes people to another realm through a temporary screen-based installation, placed at the site of the ‘Supertree Grove’ at Gardens by the bay, through the usage of 2 different types of touch features using existing technology.

Firstly, featuring the use of the nostalgic action of shadow gestures, people are able to dictate the narrative of the life animal characters and trees on the screen through the use of different hand gestures for  different animals and trees, which are captured recorded into the screens as people watches their animal gestures come to life as a narrative.

[ Concept Video #1 ]

Also, the narrative screen lies a touch-feature where touching on the trees will transform them into architectures of man-made establishments. As the screen fills with such structures, the narrative shifts as too much structures will warrant the vanish of animals as their ‘natural habitats’ are destroyed. The key is to allow people to maintain the balance of animals to live harmoniously within the realm of ‘Garden | City’.

[ Concept Video #2 ]

The key of ‘Garden | City’ is the use of human touch to dictate the narratives. For it is Us that resulted in the imbalance of nature. And again, it is up to Us to shift back the balance of nature.

Screen-based installation is designed for people of all ages. Screen features the interactive narrative screen flanked by an information board and a capture screen on each side.


(more to follow)


We researched on existing technologies that can be incorporated in our screen-based installation.

Leap Motion

[ Leap Motion Website ]

Leap Motion is a technological company that develop a  unique combination of software and hardware tracks the movement of hands and fingers with very low latency, converting in into 3D input, for digital content in virtual and augmented reality.



We feel that the technology can be incorporated in our screen-based installation through the capture of hand gestures into the screen.


The company behind the exhibition of the Future World at the Art Science Museum, features a lot of really interesting technology based art installations.

One particular project that we feel is similar to our screen-based installation is the ‘Sketch Animals’.

[teamLab website ]

‘Sketch Animals’ features the idea of creating animals and making them come to life, as well as interacting with the animals by touching them. We feel that our concept is pretty similar in the use of touch to interact with the animals and trees in our installation.

All in all, we feel that the technologies researched can be incorporated in our screen-based installation.


(to be updated)

to be continued.

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