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” SMELL. “


Heng Tong  x  Hong Sheng


The theme for a permanent installation within NTU takes us to explore the sense of smell. The sense of smell is an interesting notion that is discovered, though perhaps underdeveloped. It is primitive – for, in the presence of smell, smell molecules will always trigger. Yet it is subsidiary – due to nature of the other more overpowering senses. The sense of smell is important to dictate the experience of an individual. Such is also a subjective concept that is able to drive an individual a point for reminiscing but only depending on the very individual- alone. All these interesting pointers lead us to ask ourselves, “What if a scent can be amplified to be the defining element of a given space?”

Take a deep breath, and dive into [smell] as an exploration of a permanent installation.

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Reminiscent the scent sculpture

Artists’ Impression

Reminiscent is a wooden installation that emits smell through its natural scent. It explores the notion of smell being a primitive, yet subjective sense to a human being. By amplifying smell as the defining element in our installation, we aim to allow the NTU students a point for reminiscing about their journey in NTU through the sense of smell, an experience that is unique to each individual. Reminiscent is constructed through the use of untreated natural cypress wood. Inspired by the Japanese folding screen, Byōbu, Reminiscent exist in the form of six panels. The undulating form is inspired by the elegance of a drifting cloth, visualised through the extrapolation from the 3 keywords of ‘Smell’ – Dispersal, Dissipation and Porosity.

Our installation takes us to the wide open concrete space, Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre.  The natural wood structure gives a complimentary contrast to the man-made structure of surrounding concrete buildings. The use of untreated natural cypress wood allows the natural scent of the cypress wood to actively diffuse to the surroundings. Yet, it is exposed – to the rain, to the moisture, to the touch of people. Over time, these factors will constitute a change in the smell and form of the installation that is only unique to NTU. Much like the people of NTU, Reminiscent is in itself a journey that evolves.

Mock-up Construction

Presentation Poster


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