(2) Machine-Made [Moodboard]

Initial concept, “beep_”

An exploration of a symphony created through human interactions with electronics. such is to utilise the qualities of the auditive qualities of the “beeps” and “clicks” that comes with a button press, alarm or an indication. My plan was to make use of the very electronic devices to create patterns. However, there are a lot of limitations involving this direction as the auditive feature of electronic devices are not easy to be translated into patterns.

Rethinking concept.

Deciding to take a step back and reconsider my concept, I did a mind-map to help me conceptualise.

I focused on the aspects of capturing the snippets of “clicks and beeps” of such machines; at the same time retaining the ideals of creating patterns through the usage of the machines.

Working on both the analogue and digital mediums, I segregated the machines into “Mechanical” Clicks and “Electronic” Beeps and worked upon finding the necessary machines to create my pattern.

New concept,”Machine-Made”

An exploration of creating a symphony of patterns generated from the auditive feedbacks through the act of utilising the machines. Using a mixture of analogue and digital medium to create pattern, selected machines are based upon its ability to generate mechanical or electronic feedbacks.

“beeps and clicks”

Onomatopoeia words that are “purely man-made” as nothing in nature can imitate the sounds created from machines. Inducted into the Oxford dictionary in 1929.

Parallels observed: Typewriter and Macbook Pro

”morse code and binary code”

Morse code is a language created from machines through sound signals.

Parallels observed: Morse code and Binary code

Reference Artists

1. Nathier Fernandez in collaboration with Daniel Castano [Drawing (Conversations)]


2. Emon Toufanian [Collage]


Construction Moodboard

To be continued.

Author: Heng Tong Foo

in pursuit of happiness.

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