Task 1: About Myself

Task 1 C

I love detective stories, I need to read book every morning


Task 1 A

I like to go to places that is green and peaceful.


I like cats!

I like cats!



Task 2: Object and Representation of self

Task 2 A

This is the cross-stitch I’m currently doing now.


Task 2 B

It is mean as gift for my friend’s upcoming wedding

Task 2C

Although it often stings my finger

Task 3: My world

Task 3A

The place I choose is a cat cafe at Chinatown


Task 3C

I like the cats there, of course. But I also love it because it makes me feel calm


Task 3D

Sometimes, I felt myself like the cat, who is afraid to come out of its own world


Task 3B

But deep down my heart, I am hoping to be noticed by others


Tasl 3E

All of these become an unforgettable memory to me