Chosen Rhyme:

What are little girls made of, made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice, and everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.

Final 4

What are girls made of5

                       What are little girl made of ?


what are little girls made of11

            Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.


What are girls made of13

              Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.


what are little girls made of2

                Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.



I was inspired by all the vintage illustration and also the Manga “Black Butler” as it mention mentions this rhyme once. I felt that to portray the world of girls, we need to put all the dreamland and cute things



Draft 1

What are girls made of4 What are little girls made of1 What are girls made of3 what are little girls made of16


Draft 2

What are girls made of9

what are little girls made of15 what are little girls made of6 What are girls made of14

Draft 3

what are little girls made of8 What are girls made of12 What are girls made of10 What are girls made of7



4D Poster

Genre: Comedy/ Romance

Rating: PG

Based on: Snow White


The sniper is a contract killer. He is young, less than 30 years old. But he has been in this field for quite a long time. Usually, he receives commands from this woman, “Joyce” who he has never met before. It’s a voice from earphone during his mission, it gives instructions and information to him.

The story begins with last mission.

He is beside the window of this darkroom, level 10 of an apartment besides the main street. His sniper is ready, set and point at the main street, his target, a man with pink shirt. Joyce is telling him through the earphone that the only chance to kill the target is now. he must not fail the mission.

At the perfect moment, the target is standing still in the square and The Sniper is about to pull the trigger. Suddenly, a woman appears in the square and slaps the target. Two of them then go into an argument. While they are fighting, The Sniper is interrupted as he losing the right spot to aim. Frustrated by what he saw, the Sniper has no choice but to wait for the right moment.

Just as the couple calms down, The Sniper quickly focuses on his aiming. However today is never gonna be a smooth day for him. There suddenly comes a big van, and about 20 people alight. Before he can respond, the group of people starts to do a flash dance of Beat it.

His jaw drops on the floor. The target is covered by all the dancers and The Sniper can barely spot the target now.

“What are you waiting for? Be quick! We don’t have much time!” Despite the urge from Joyce, he cannot find the right spot to shoot. He is so irritated until he starts to kick the wall, slam the window.

“Why is it so hard for me to kill him!” He almost wants to shout.

So you should know what happens next. At a blink after dance crowd disappears, the target is stopped by a salesman whose whole back is covering the target.

He starts to wonder if the heaven is playing a joke on him.

But a moment later, he is surprised to find that the whole square is empty, but only left the couple.
Don’t want to lose the chance. He quickly looks into the lens. However, what happens next surprises him more.

The target kneels on to ground and proposed to his girlfriend. So all the things happened just now were plotted by him, the misunderstanding, the fight, the dance, the salesman, are all arranged by him to surprised her.

Touched by what the target has done, his girlfriend immediately says yes. From the lens, The Sniper witnesses them hugging in love and applause from the people around them. He finds him unable to pull the trigger.

This reminds him his wife, how he proposed to her and his love. Then, he makes the decision.

“Are you sure you what to do this?” Joyce asked.
“Yes.” He decided not to kill him. The Sniper keeps his gun and leaves the room…




Based on: Snow White


This story is inspired from a combination of “Snow White”, quoted from the part where The Huntsman is sent to the forest to kill Snow White. But in the end, huntsman leaves her behind alive. And also inspired from the image of God of Death or commonly known as The Death itself. In the story, The Sniper is portrayed as The Death as he can easily kill his target with one bullet. However, in the end when he witnessed the proposal, he decided to spare him so the couple can live happily ever after. Most story usually written from the angle of the victim or the mortal. So I wanted to write a story from the perspective of The Death.