2D II Exercise: Hello


My first name tag is actually a snail where its spiral forms my name, At the start, I just wanna to connect the letters of my name together, as indicated in the picture below. However, later I realized that I could given more contents to the name tag. The letters, as connected and twisted, indicated that I am a person who does not like to follow rules.
As I realized that the spiral is similar to the shell of a snail. Snail can also represent a side of me as I am slow, and often be lost


Since I come up with the first name tag, the second one is more straight forward now. I decided to continue with the theme of animals. I therefore recalled my name, Xiao Tong. A lot of my friend said that it sounds like Sotong!! So I draw a octopus which includes a few symbols that can represent Singapore as Sotong is a very Singapore or at least Southeast Asia world. When I add in the Merlion and HDB block, I hope that my message can be delivered my clearly.


The last name tag is the abstract one. I was inspired by the idea of maze. Maze to me, is like obstacles, like the cycle of life. Our whole life is like maze. We are in it, we are often lost. But several are able to find the true meaning of their lives.


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