Lore: Transport

For military use: Phantom

In 2400, the patterns of war are dramatically different. Military transports like tank and warship are no longer the major power on the battlefield.

The gigantic machine, Phantoms was introduced. It is a form of human operating robot. Sizes can range from as big as an island to as small as a telephone booth.  Various forms of Phantom  exist. Some of which imitates the mechanism of insects or animals, while others were built like a moving fortress. Phantom has been used in all areas, land, sky or sea use. Usually, a phantom will be equipped with mass-destruction weapons. Currently, it is considered as most powerful weapon exist currently.




Phantom is working on the mechanism of neuron-transmittance system. One pilot is required for each machine. The pilot is connected to machine through neural system. On the other side, Phantom, as a transport, is able to carry large numbers of soldiers from place to place. However, in order to be a Phantom pilot, one will has fit very distinct requirements. Therefore, many Unions started to cultivate a suitable pilot. however, this requires enormous time and money.

For commercial use: Airship

The transport system currently all based on air travel. This is make possible as building are now extremely high. People will only have to travel from buildings to buildings using airship.



Airship is fueled by solar power. Therefore, it is able to stay in the air for very long time. But one disadvantage is that in order to ensure its speed, airship has to be made with very light materials. This cause it to be extremely fragile to weapon attacks. Recent years, there has a lot of accidents where commercial airships were unknowingly involved in the battlefield of Phantoms.

Air Racer

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the air racer is a group/ country of people that entirely live on their airships for almost 200 years

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