High Context Culture

It refers to a culture’s tendency to use high-context messages in routine communication.

In a higher-context culture, many things are left unsaid, letting the culture explain. Words and word choice become very important in higher-context communication, since a few words can communicate a complex message very effectively to an in-group (but less effectively outside that group),

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-_and_low-context_cultures


I actually came across this term “High Context Culture” during my mastering communication class. This inspired me to decide the theme of this assignment.  High context society is commonly seen in Asia countries. This is because we have a lot of untold traditions, taboos. And it is often different or directly opposite in another countries. Furthermore, as time grows, objects are given other meanings, which further adds on the diversity of culture.

For now, the object I proposed to use is the flower chrysanthemum


The subjects I want to express will be the following

  •  Point of view of a common object
  •  From different countries
  •  From different cultures and traditions
  •  From different values
  •  From different age groups

18 Aspects

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Artist Reference

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Disciplinarian: Rebirth Day

  • Held on September 5th. It is a day when the whole Union gather together celebrating the defeat of the Nexians during its first invasion. This war, known as the greatest impact done to human civilisation, has reached its 120 year anniversary. To emphasize on the importance and significance of this day. The Disciplinarian Union has made this day as the public holiday. A whole serie event would be held every year so as to remind people of the great price and effort the “Pioneer Fathers” has put to maintain the peace of the Earth.
  • Events
    • Military Parade
      • In this day, all the Union soldiers will join in the marching parade. In addition, the Union will this day to showcase all their latest weapons.
    • Phantom championship
      • International competition between Unions


No Game, No life.

I would be talking about:
1. Concept of each piece
2. Relationship between them
3. Repeating objects and the objectives
4. Process
5. Reflection

I always want to be in the world of the game, where there’s only one objective. The life will be so much simple. As you can see, all four frames are based on the theme of smart phone games. But can you guess which game does it come from?

And I am a GAMER…

cut the rope

The first attribute, is of course that I’m a GAMER. The first that I used, is the CUT THE ROPE. Cut-the-Rope I transform the rope, the balloon, and the trampoline into the shape of my name. And on the bottom, what is used to be the lab monster has changed into a cat. In fact, this is the first idea that I think of for this project. I wanted to “camouflage” my name into the environment of the game so that it feels as a unit piece. Moreover, this I am a GAMER also set off as an introduction for the following frames. It not only emphasize on the   fact that all frames are based on the theme of game. But also becomes a introduction of the story that I am going to tell about myself.

And I am a CAT LOVER…

cat game

I’m definitely a serious cat addict-er. Once I start following the direction of game. I start to recall which game carries the most unique style that  audience can easily spot. That’s why I decided to adapt the game Neko Atsume



As seen from the picture, I have replaced the cats that I have drawn, although the background remains almost the same. I try to insert my name by placing it on the ground as furniture. Neko Atsume has its very unique style of rough hand drawn that really differentiate it from others. I try to illustrate the cats into their sloppy and nothing to worry about. This is also the kind of life I dream for.





And the end of the project. I realized that this turns out to be my favorite one. This is because I actually put in the most time for brainstorming for this frame. How am I supposed to illustrate the idea Procrastination??

Then I recalled of the numerous nights I spent rushing for my assignment. It’s not that I have not enough time. I could easily finished it during the daytime. But just BECAUSE I PROCRASTINATE….I have to stay overnight, give up on sleep. As a result, the next day I will appeared at school, looking like a zombie…

new doc 160205 (1)_1504AA2495-68C7-4537-8B5C-C21A5D3DF234

Thus, it occurred to me that I can adopt the game of Plant VS. Zombie.



At first, one problem is that I can’t fit all the XIAOTONG letters into the grid (it just can’t……..) .So that I decided to arrange the zombies just into my initial letters XT. I replaced the trolleys and the house into assignments and due date. That myself turns into the zombie, slowly tries to crawl towards the due date..




angry bird
The last is about the thing that is most important to me. Freedom. I can say that freedom is the only thing that I cannot live without. In fact, this is also frame that I spend the longest time drawing. And hope the concept of the game looks obvious to you. It’s the Angry Bird.



I arranged my name with all the bricks and stones from the game. And the cat, setting off from the spring, is flying through the sky. The reason why I like Angry Bird is because I like the way where the cat swings across the sky. It gives me a sense of release. When the cat reaches its end, it will hit on my name. The so-called XIAO TONG will collapsed. The so-called me will break from its bond and ties. I’m finally able to reached my inner peace…


Repeating objects

cat 1

Not wanting my work to be just 4 different frames, I try to let element from one to appear on the another. So that my attributes can be seen from all the four frames. For example, the attribute of the Gamer appears throughout. In addition, I also let the cat. to appear in three of the frames. It’s a regret that I cannot reinforce it into the Zombies Vs. Due Date as the result turns out not so nice.




Many of my processing work appeared in the previous post. So this time I will post the video of me going through the less interesting part: execution and drawing. Coming up with the idea is very fun, but often I will face the difficulties of illustrating that out. This is the very first time  I really start to explore the effects of different digital brushes

Medium: Digital Drawing

Software used: SAI/ Sketchup

PS. Sorry about the Chinese language appeared in the video, I only have the CHI version of SAI

new doc 160205 (1)_1504AA2495-68C7-4537-8B5C-C21A5D3DF234

BC79DC8F-D9F8-45EB-B6F8-E1993172D2E9cat 1

new doc 160213 (1)_6new doc 160213 (1)_6

new doc 160213 (1)_7new doc 160213 (1)_7

new doc 160213 (1)_9 new doc 160213 (1)_5

knot ballon Screenshot 2016-02-16 18.45.21

In this lore, I will be mentioning two significant law and clauses.

Alien and Sedition Clause

As mentioned in the earlier chapter, the Alien and Sedition Clause is one of the many Alien-related constitutions and laws. It is dedicated specially regarding the alien immigration issue. Especially targeted on the Nexians. As proposed by Alien Immigration Authority (AIA), it is known as the most anti-Nexian law. It states that all Nexians shall have no grant access or citizenship for Earth land. Any violation of the following terms shall be as a form of invasion towards the Earth. Statistics have shown that over the past 40 years, more than 600 Nexians and other planets’ aliens had been arrested for the violation of the invasion term.

In addition, for the recently 5 years, there has been alteration for the Clause. The additional part states that Earth shall permanently terminate any diplomatic interactions with the Nexian and the other 25 planets. And the Clause also urges other planets to carry out sanctions towards Nexians.




In the previous few lore, I have very limited descriptions on the world’s second large Union, the Habeas corpus. So I guess for this lore, we will begin with the Haber’s architecture.

The general trend through out the whole world is that buildings are mostly extremely high. This is largely due to the shortage of land cause by the massive sea pollution. Thus, even residential areas commonly have buildings that reach 130 floor. However, the Haber’s architecture possess its special characteristics.

The Habeas are well-known for their appreciation of arts and freedom in thinking. This is also reflected in their style of architecture. If you can refer to the 21st century, the Haber’s architecture is very similar to the ancient Baroque style.








Baroque architecture is the building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy, that took the Roman vocabulary of Renaissance architecture and used it in a new rhetorical and theatrical fashion, often to express the triumph of the Catholic Church and the absolutist state. It was characterized by new explorations of form, light and shadow, and dramatic intensity.

(Source: Wikipedia)

In overall, beside making the building extremely high. The Habeas take extremely on details of their buildings. The architectures show a strong sense of arts and wealth. Explained by the statues and reliefs and also the luxury decorations. Also, the Habeas are not hesitate to express their devotion of religion. The Baroque style churches are everyone, each worshiping different religion of gods.


Renaissance Revolution

It still remains a myth about why the Habeas Pioneers choose to follow the Baroque style. But most people suggest that it is due to the Habeas’ first Renaissance Revolution On 2230s, when the Habeas Corpus Union was just founded. This revolution demonstrating a conscious revival and development of certain elements of ancient Greek and Roman thought and material culture.Thus greatly affects the Haber’s style of architecture.

The Door of Truth

“The door of Truth” is one of the most famous Habeas Architecture. Originally, the door of Truth is not literally a door but a 130 floors building. The Door is the second highest building in Habeas Corpus Union and also considered as the most mysterious building ever.


The Door of Truth

People are told that The Door contains ” Last truth of the World”. But the answer still remains as a secret. However, rumor has it that inside The Door lies the ultimate weapon of Habeas.


Week 3 is here. And the assignment will be due soon. After the previous consultation. I have more or less decided on the  theme that I want to approach. I found that the one that inspired from Cut the Rope seems very interesting for me

new doc 160205 (1)_5

So I thought that why don’t I apply the concept of game to all 4 attributes. And I need to find some way to connect all of them not only through the game elements. Also that the 4 attributes can link up as a story and tells the characteristic of me.

Thus… I come up with this mind map…

Screenshot 2016-02-06 01.16.43

You can see that at the start, I will begin with the “I AM A GAMER”. this basically set as an introduction. Then following by the 3 attributes, which all contain game elements. So that the 4 pictures are fit into the same style. For me, doing like this is more like writing a narrative. By connecting them up, I am like telling a story of mine.


More Research

But before that, I feel I get start more artist research6a73a032326453.567a91437dfa5

fe767432326453.567a9143784ab e0db0c32326453.567a914379d35 cf904232326453.567a914380c8c b3849f32326453.567a91437f357 a4926432326453.567a9143931d6Source: mc bess https://www.behance.net/gallery/32326453/typography

I found this artist on Behance. you can see that his style is very cartoonist and there are many objects interacting with each other. This also means that the typography is no longer the central attention, but part of the drawing itself. I also happened to find this company Gumbo illustrations on Behance. They have this series of work pertaining to Africa.

8d666a31140609.5642f666b95c0 2511a131140609.5642f666baab7 40f3b531140609.5642f666bbe66 4ee23731140609.5642f666bd31236738b31140609.5642f666be6c2f282ca31140609.5642f666bf7bd

(Source:  Gumbo illustrations https://www.behance.net/gallery/31140609/Qatar-Airlines-Africa)

You can see that this is actually a quite different approach from the previous one. There is only one object with each letter. The whole image looks clean and neat. I feel that both provide a lot of ideas for me.


Now, let’s decide what do I want to do for each of the attribute.

Hello I am a gamer



The first one is already set. I will be based on the idea of Cut the Rope. I will play with ropes until it forms my name.


Hello I am a cat lover



For the cat lover I will be based on the idea of cat cafe. I think all the furniture into the shape of my name letter

Hello I am a procrastinator



The third one I decided to choose from the game Plant Vs. Zombie. Because for me, as procrastinator, when it comes to assignment due date, I will be like a zombie. Procrastinate always make unable to finish my work on time. Thus, I have to stay overnight, and bear with red eyes, dark eye circles.

I have also try to sketch a few of my ideas.new doc 160205 (1)_14

 As you can see, the plants and weeders will be replaced by alarm clock and assignments, To-do list and exams. Where me as the zombies will walking tiredly to them. And the zombies will form my initials XT on the grid.

Hello I am a freedomizer



The last attribute I will be based on the game Angry Birds. As I want to express the idea of freedom from how the birds are freely flying in the sky.



The project Typographic Portrait has come to the second week. After the artist research, I began this week by coming out of my 6 attributes.

new doc 160205 (1)_13

Thus I have to more or less decided what I wanted to do. It is divided into 2 categories: my characteristics and my hobbies

6 Attributes






Cat lover


For the next step, I began to try out a few sketch on these attributes. See if I have any ideas that I can expand on it.


new doc 160205 (1)_12

I am a heavy Karaoke addict-er. So I decided to input my name into objects that is related to music. Such that the letters are  naturally infuse into the environment. Like in this case, my name has become the shape of the teeth.

new doc 160205 (1)_11




This is one is inspired by a poster done by English Markell  & Pockett ( refer to below). It shows how the words streamed in projections on faces and in abstractions before spooling into the words of the programming title. So I wanted to try out this idea, that my name is spreading out/or in to music notes.

new doc 160205 (1)_10

I write my names repeatedly that it forms the shape of a microphone.


new doc 160205 (1)_9

For this one, I actually illustrates my names as molecules and particles. As the word “freedom” reminds me of the Brownian Motion. Where particles are able to move around freely.

new doc 160205 (1)_8

The word freedom also reminds me of release, evacuate. Therefore, one of my idea is to illustrate my ideas into an evacuation guide. For this, I also research on different of fonts and typography (refer to below)

new doc 160205 (1)_7

Source: 20th-Century Type, Lewis Blackwell




new doc 160205 (1)_6

When I am free, I also watch a lot of movie. So I choose movie as one of my attributes too. For example for the above one, I actually put in a pair of 3D glasses into my name, such that the two lens form the double O of my name.

new doc 160205 (1)_4new doc 160205 (1)_3


new doc 160205 (1)_5


This is inspired from the game Cut the Rope. I choose this as by changing the design of the ropes, it is able to form the letters of my name. I feel that there is a lot of room to expand on.

Cat Lovernew doc 160205 (1)_1 new doc 160205 (1)_2

I love CATS!! So I wanted to make this as my attributes too! I begin by illustrating how the cat image i design is to interact with the 3D forms of my names.


[OOC]: The story will start with two characters’ POV, so the actors can make their individual decision. But don’t worry, the two lines will intersect in Chapter 2.

[OOC]: You will be required to make a decision for character’s action. And also describes how this action is being taken. You may throw a dice, or depends on your preferences.

[OOC]: For story setting, you may want to refer to Illegal Alien Content page


Phonbus POV

Phonbus feels that he is really dead this time.

Just while he aboard the spaceship,  he has not even put down the luggage. A lovely sound speaks from the announcement.

“Dear passengers, thank you for boarding Toka Spaceline. This journey will be traveling from the  Planet Bladder  to the 3rd Planet of the Milky Way Galaxy. But due to certain reasons, there will be checking of documents and authentication before the spaceship take-off. The specific details will be handle by the Earth’s Immigration Authority. We seek for your understanding.”

He has no idea what to do now. Shouldn’t they do the checking only when the ship landed?  Just as he thought of that. The AIA agents have enter the cabin. They are one male and one female. Both are wearing suits. And Phonbus can recognize the blue badges on their collars.

It’s Over!

He quickly stood up. Trying to find a place to hide. The cabin is big, but yet few places to hide. There are only a few control rooms that have doors.

His look now is the face of the Bladders. A huge dog head with human body. If he wants, he can transform into anyone or anything. All the Nexians are capable of that. But that is not very useful. He heard that The Earth has came up with a device that can easily detect the Nexians.

So what are the solutions now?

1. Transform into other people (Dice is even)

2. Find a place to hide (Dice is odd)

Please provide a short description of how this action has been taken. I will continue with the outcome.


Randy POV

Randy looks at the the paper in his hand. He is not sure whether he has made the right decision. The paper says,” We sincerely welcome you to our experiment team. Hope to meet you soon at Discipliniarian”

The excitements of receiving the letter has passed. He is only left with uncertainty and the loath to leave his home. He looks outside of the window. Clouds floating around the airship. He has been on the sky for his whole life. This will be his first time to be on the ground.

“So, Randy, you ready to leave now?” A voice arises.

He looks up, it’s his mother. A worrying frown worn from her feeble features.

Why should he be hesitating for? He has waited for this chance so long. Ever since he saw the Phantom, he has dreamt to be the Pilot. Until he saw this recruitment for human experiment for Phantom-related research. He knew this is his only chance.

“Randy, the spaceship is outside.” His mother said.

So Randy stands up. They said goodbye to each other.

And the outside their airship. Departs the spaceship that will bring him to Disciplinarian.

Just right after he entered the passenger cabin. He heard some commotion in front of the crowd.


So what would he do?

1. Go and take a look (Dice is even)

2. Mind his own business (Dice is odd)

Please provide a short description of how this action has been taken. I will continue with the outcome