Illegal Alien Chapter 1: Aboard

[OOC]: The story will start with two characters’ POV, so the actors can make their individual decision. But don’t worry, the two lines will intersect in Chapter 2.

[OOC]: You will be required to make a decision for character’s action. And also describes how this action is being taken. You may throw a dice, or depends on your preferences.

[OOC]: For story setting, you may want to refer to Illegal Alien Content page


Phonbus POV

Phonbus feels that he is really dead this time.

Just while he aboard the spaceship,  he has not even put down the luggage. A lovely sound speaks from the announcement.

“Dear passengers, thank you for boarding Toka Spaceline. This journey will be traveling from the  Planet Bladder  to the 3rd Planet of the Milky Way Galaxy. But due to certain reasons, there will be checking of documents and authentication before the spaceship take-off. The specific details will be handle by the Earth’s Immigration Authority. We seek for your understanding.”

He has no idea what to do now. Shouldn’t they do the checking only when the ship landed?  Just as he thought of that. The AIA agents have enter the cabin. They are one male and one female. Both are wearing suits. And Phonbus can recognize the blue badges on their collars.

It’s Over!

He quickly stood up. Trying to find a place to hide. The cabin is big, but yet few places to hide. There are only a few control rooms that have doors.

His look now is the face of the Bladders. A huge dog head with human body. If he wants, he can transform into anyone or anything. All the Nexians are capable of that. But that is not very useful. He heard that The Earth has came up with a device that can easily detect the Nexians.

So what are the solutions now?

1. Transform into other people (Dice is even)

2. Find a place to hide (Dice is odd)

Please provide a short description of how this action has been taken. I will continue with the outcome.


Randy POV

Randy looks at the the paper in his hand. He is not sure whether he has made the right decision. The paper says,” We sincerely welcome you to our experiment team. Hope to meet you soon at Discipliniarian”

The excitements of receiving the letter has passed. He is only left with uncertainty and the loath to leave his home. He looks outside of the window. Clouds floating around the airship. He has been on the sky for his whole life. This will be his first time to be on the ground.

“So, Randy, you ready to leave now?” A voice arises.

He looks up, it’s his mother. A worrying frown worn from her feeble features.

Why should he be hesitating for? He has waited for this chance so long. Ever since he saw the Phantom, he has dreamt to be the Pilot. Until he saw this recruitment for human experiment for Phantom-related research. He knew this is his only chance.

“Randy, the spaceship is outside.” His mother said.

So Randy stands up. They said goodbye to each other.

And the outside their airship. Departs the spaceship that will bring him to Disciplinarian.

Just right after he entered the passenger cabin. He heard some commotion in front of the crowd.


So what would he do?

1. Go and take a look (Dice is even)

2. Mind his own business (Dice is odd)

Please provide a short description of how this action has been taken. I will continue with the outcome



  1. Phonbus

    A 12 is rolled (2D= 6+6)

    Phonbus decides to transform into someone else. He transforms into a human, a Disciplinarian more specifically. He figured he would pretend to be part of the reproductive race of the Disciplinarian to get more leverage. After all, the Disciplinarians practically owned the AIA. Phonbus walks swiftly to the opposite end of the cabin, away from the AIA agents, luggage held tightly in his hand. He was also making sure he was out of range from the device.

    He stands in the dimly lit corner with his back facing everyone else. He takes out a large black hooded jacket from his luggage and wears it quickly, making sure to put the hood over his head. He takes a quick peak over his shoulder at the AIA agents, who are slowly but surely approaching. When he was sure that no one’s attention was on him, he transformed into the Disciplinarian. The process was quick. He then realizes that he doesn’t have the right documents at all. He starts to panic. At that very moment, he heard the approaching footsteps of the agents.
    Phonbus composes himself and turns around confidently and starts to speak before they got too close for their device to detect anything.

    1. Randy: Attracted by the commotion in the passenger cabin, I decide to go take a look and see what is going on. It looks like the some AIA agents have caught a Nexian disguised as Bladders, sitting at one of the passenger seats, because who do they catch except Nexians!

      “Everyone, back to your seats!” Now the agents are pulling the sedated Nexian who reverted back to his original form out of the passenger cabin. Amidst excited chatterings, I find my window seat in a matter of seconds and settle down. Looking out of the window and back at the airship where I lived for my whole life until now, the feeling of uncertainty and dread came over me again. But I guess it’s too late to do anything now, right?

      “That was so close! We nearly got caught too! Good thing we can still visit Dad, phew.” I turn back and see two other Bladders acting strangely. One looks up and see me.

      “Shhhh! Keep it down, will you?” She gives me an apologetic look; I nod and turn back.

      There are more Nexians on board, but I decide to keep it to myself.

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