Lore: Law

In this lore, I will be mentioning two significant law and clauses.

Alien and Sedition Clause

As mentioned in the earlier chapter, the Alien and Sedition Clause is one of the many Alien-related constitutions and laws. It is dedicated specially regarding the alien immigration issue. Especially targeted on the Nexians. As proposed by Alien Immigration Authority (AIA), it is known as the most anti-Nexian law. It states that all Nexians shall have no grant access or citizenship for Earth land. Any violation of the following terms shall be as a form of invasion towards the Earth. Statistics have shown that over the past 40 years, more than 600 Nexians and other planets’ aliens had been arrested for the violation of the invasion term.

In addition, for the recently 5 years, there has been alteration for the Clause. The additional part states that Earth shall permanently terminate any diplomatic interactions with the Nexian and the other 25 planets. And the Clause also urges other planets to carry out sanctions towards Nexians.




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