Typographic Portrait: Final and Reflection


No Game, No life.

I would be talking about:
1. Concept of each piece
2. Relationship between them
3. Repeating objects and the objectives
4. Process
5. Reflection

I always want to be in the world of the game, where there’s only one objective. The life will be so much simple. As you can see, all four frames are based on the theme of smart phone games. But can you guess which game does it come from?

And I am a GAMER…

cut the rope

The first attribute, is of course that I’m a GAMER. The first that I used, is the CUT THE ROPE. Cut-the-Rope I transform the rope, the balloon, and the trampoline into the shape of my name. And on the bottom, what is used to be the lab monster has changed into a cat. In fact, this is the first idea that I think of for this project. I wanted to “camouflage” my name into the environment of the game so that it feels as a unit piece. Moreover, this I am a GAMER also set off as an introduction for the following frames. It not only emphasize on the   fact that all frames are based on the theme of game. But also becomes a introduction of the story that I am going to tell about myself.

And I am a CAT LOVER…

cat game

I’m definitely a serious cat addict-er. Once I start following the direction of game. I start to recall which game carries the most unique style that  audience can easily spot. That’s why I decided to adapt the game Neko Atsume



As seen from the picture, I have replaced the cats that I have drawn, although the background remains almost the same. I try to insert my name by placing it on the ground as furniture. Neko Atsume has its very unique style of rough hand drawn that really differentiate it from others. I try to illustrate the cats into their sloppy and nothing to worry about. This is also the kind of life I dream for.





And the end of the project. I realized that this turns out to be my favorite one. This is because I actually put in the most time for brainstorming for this frame. How am I supposed to illustrate the idea Procrastination??

Then I recalled of the numerous nights I spent rushing for my assignment. It’s not that I have not enough time. I could easily finished it during the daytime. But just BECAUSE I PROCRASTINATE….I have to stay overnight, give up on sleep. As a result, the next day I will appeared at school, looking like a zombie…

new doc 160205 (1)_1504AA2495-68C7-4537-8B5C-C21A5D3DF234

Thus, it occurred to me that I can adopt the game of Plant VS. Zombie.



At first, one problem is that I can’t fit all the XIAOTONG letters into the grid (it just can’t……..) .So that I decided to arrange the zombies just into my initial letters XT. I replaced the trolleys and the house into assignments and due date. That myself turns into the zombie, slowly tries to crawl towards the due date..




angry bird
The last is about the thing that is most important to me. Freedom. I can say that freedom is the only thing that I cannot live without. In fact, this is also frame that I spend the longest time drawing. And hope the concept of the game looks obvious to you. It’s the Angry Bird.



I arranged my name with all the bricks and stones from the game. And the cat, setting off from the spring, is flying through the sky. The reason why I like Angry Bird is because I like the way where the cat swings across the sky. It gives me a sense of release. When the cat reaches its end, it will hit on my name. The so-called XIAO TONG will collapsed. The so-called me will break from its bond and ties. I’m finally able to reached my inner peace…


Repeating objects

cat 1

Not wanting my work to be just 4 different frames, I try to let element from one to appear on the another. So that my attributes can be seen from all the four frames. For example, the attribute of the Gamer appears throughout. In addition, I also let the cat. to appear in three of the frames. It’s a regret that I cannot reinforce it into the Zombies Vs. Due Date as the result turns out not so nice.



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