Typographic Portrait: Processing Video


Many of my processing work appeared in the previous post. So this time I will post the video of me going through the less interesting part: execution and drawing. Coming up with the idea is very fun, but often I will face the difficulties of illustrating that out. This is the very first time  I really start to explore the effects of different digital brushes

Medium: Digital Drawing

Software used: SAI/ Sketchup

PS. Sorry about the Chinese language appeared in the video, I only have the CHI version of SAI

new doc 160205 (1)_1504AA2495-68C7-4537-8B5C-C21A5D3DF234

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new doc 160213 (1)_6new doc 160213 (1)_6

new doc 160213 (1)_7new doc 160213 (1)_7

new doc 160213 (1)_9 new doc 160213 (1)_5

knot ballon Screenshot 2016-02-16 18.45.21

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