About Me

Hi, I am Xiao Tong and I am currently studying in NTU Art Design and Media.

I am under Animation Major, specialized in Visual Effects.

My interest areas are Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, 3D Character Design and Video Editing.

I have been working as product design assistant from Pathlight School to be in charge of design merchandise goods that are based on the artworks of its students.

I have also an organizing committee of many events and in charge of designing their publication and marketing materials. The latest event I committed is the Junior World Entrepreneurship Forum 2016.

I am able to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Audition, Microsoft Office, Cinema4D, Maya.

You may access the following links to take a look at my past work. These are either from my school work or events.

JWEF 2016 Poster and backdrop Design

2D Zine : Process + Final

Typographic Portrait: Final and Reflection

Motion Graphic I tried this holiday

My Stereoscopic Assignment

A Motion Capture Assignment- Roommates (with Unreal)

Spell Error- VFX practice with Nuke

My Animation Seminar Project- Mr Inspiration

A Practice editing with Music video

A Practice Editing with GV promo video