[OOC]: The story will start with two characters’ POV, so the actors can make their individual decision. But don’t worry, the two lines will intersect in Chapter 2.

[OOC]: You will be required to make a decision for character’s action. And also describes how this action is being taken. You may throw a dice, or depends on your preferences.

[OOC]: For story setting, you may want to refer to Illegal Alien Content page


Phonbus POV

Phonbus feels that he is really dead this time.

Just while he aboard the spaceship,  he has not even put down the luggage. A lovely sound speaks from the announcement.

“Dear passengers, thank you for boarding Toka Spaceline. This journey will be traveling from the  Planet Bladder  to the 3rd Planet of the Milky Way Galaxy. But due to certain reasons, there will be checking of documents and authentication before the spaceship take-off. The specific details will be handle by the Earth’s Immigration Authority. We seek for your understanding.”

He has no idea what to do now. Shouldn’t they do the checking only when the ship landed?  Just as he thought of that. The AIA agents have enter the cabin. They are one male and one female. Both are wearing suits. And Phonbus can recognize the blue badges on their collars.

It’s Over!

He quickly stood up. Trying to find a place to hide. The cabin is big, but yet few places to hide. There are only a few control rooms that have doors.

His look now is the face of the Bladders. A huge dog head with human body. If he wants, he can transform into anyone or anything. All the Nexians are capable of that. But that is not very useful. He heard that The Earth has came up with a device that can easily detect the Nexians.

So what are the solutions now?

1. Transform into other people (Dice is even)

2. Find a place to hide (Dice is odd)

Please provide a short description of how this action has been taken. I will continue with the outcome.


Randy POV

Randy looks at the the paper in his hand. He is not sure whether he has made the right decision. The paper says,” We sincerely welcome you to our experiment team. Hope to meet you soon at Discipliniarian”

The excitements of receiving the letter has passed. He is only left with uncertainty and the loath to leave his home. He looks outside of the window. Clouds floating around the airship. He has been on the sky for his whole life. This will be his first time to be on the ground.

“So, Randy, you ready to leave now?” A voice arises.

He looks up, it’s his mother. A worrying frown worn from her feeble features.

Why should he be hesitating for? He has waited for this chance so long. Ever since he saw the Phantom, he has dreamt to be the Pilot. Until he saw this recruitment for human experiment for Phantom-related research. He knew this is his only chance.

“Randy, the spaceship is outside.” His mother said.

So Randy stands up. They said goodbye to each other.

And the outside their airship. Departs the spaceship that will bring him to Disciplinarian.

Just right after he entered the passenger cabin. He heard some commotion in front of the crowd.


So what would he do?

1. Go and take a look (Dice is even)

2. Mind his own business (Dice is odd)

Please provide a short description of how this action has been taken. I will continue with the outcome


Alien Immigration Authority is an agency responsible for the security of Earth against the entry of undesirable aliens through our space immigration checkpoints. As a security agency, ICA also conducts operations against immigration offenders. Besides that, AIA is also the draftman of many Alien-related constitutions and laws.



Operational since 1 June 2307, AIA has 90 years of history. At the start, AIA is only a small Non-Government Organisation started by a group of progressionists. However, at that time, AIA adopted a relatively mild attitudes towards foreign Aliens. Those progressionists believed that the Earth need to stay open to other planets. We should not let history affects our path to common progress. However, this idea actually changed after the Disciplinarian became the major supporter of AIA.


As Disciplinarian is considered as the biggest Union on earth currently. It is also seen as the manipulator behind AIA. Every year, a portion of the Union’s budget will goes to the agency. AIA also receives outputs of natural resources and weapons from the Disciplinarian. By 2380, almost half of AIA management council were made up of Disciplinarians. Thus, many of the decisions are affected or manipulated by the Union. Including the harsh attitudes towards the Nexians.



By 2400, the sizes of AIA has grown to over to 20000 people. It has built headquarters in almost every Unions. Beside the Sky Racer, AIA has given rights to examine and perform duties in everywhere.

AIA are under the regulatory of its management council, on the top will be the General Secretary. Followed by the Section Chief and Section Head. However, most of the ministerial level’s information remain confidential.

The base agents

The numbers of base agents made up of one quarters of the entire 20000 staffs. They are the ones that will go out and capture all the illegal aliens on earth. Agent can usually be identify by wearing black or blue suits, with a unique design of watch on their wrist. Agents are normally equipped with alien sedative weapons. However, recently many witness that some agents are using fatal weapons and given rights to shoot aliens at the spot.



As mentioned in the earlier chapter. AIA is well-known for its stern attitude towards the Nexian. They believe that any potential threat, regardless of any circumstance, should be remove from the Earth. One can refer from the Alien and Sedition Clause proposed by the AIA.


Ad the Nexian is capable of tranform into any living creatures, they usually undercover in the human society. To identify them, the agency has spent 20 years to design the detecting device. It has been further improved into a small yellow watch which most agents will be wearing. The watch is able to scan using sophisticated data and signs, and will signal the whole agent system that there is presence of illegal foreign creatures.


There has been rumors about AIA using arrested Nexians on Alien related experiement. They claimed that most illegal Nexians, after being caught by AIA, did not repatriate back to Nexus as what agency claimed. Instead, they were being put under secret experiments. And most of them did not come back alive. However, no clear evidence are able prove this. In additon, most of the people are afraid of the influence and power of AIA. No one dares to speak for the rights of Nexians

For military use: Phantom

In 2400, the patterns of war are dramatically different. Military transports like tank and warship are no longer the major power on the battlefield.

The gigantic machine, Phantoms was introduced. It is a form of human operating robot. Sizes can range from as big as an island to as small as a telephone booth.  Various forms of Phantom  exist. Some of which imitates the mechanism of insects or animals, while others were built like a moving fortress. Phantom has been used in all areas, land, sky or sea use. Usually, a phantom will be equipped with mass-destruction weapons. Currently, it is considered as most powerful weapon exist currently.




Phantom is working on the mechanism of neuron-transmittance system. One pilot is required for each machine. The pilot is connected to machine through neural system. On the other side, Phantom, as a transport, is able to carry large numbers of soldiers from place to place. However, in order to be a Phantom pilot, one will has fit very distinct requirements. Therefore, many Unions started to cultivate a suitable pilot. however, this requires enormous time and money.

For commercial use: Airship

The transport system currently all based on air travel. This is make possible as building are now extremely high. People will only have to travel from buildings to buildings using airship.



Airship is fueled by solar power. Therefore, it is able to stay in the air for very long time. But one disadvantage is that in order to ensure its speed, airship has to be made with very light materials. This cause it to be extremely fragile to weapon attacks. Recent years, there has a lot of accidents where commercial airships were unknowingly involved in the battlefield of Phantoms.

Air Racer

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the air racer is a group/ country of people that entirely live on their airships for almost 200 years


My first name tag is actually a snail where its spiral forms my name, At the start, I just wanna to connect the letters of my name together, as indicated in the picture below. However, later I realized that I could given more contents to the name tag. The letters, as connected and twisted, indicated that I am a person who does not like to follow rules.
As I realized that the spiral is similar to the shell of a snail. Snail can also represent a side of me as I am slow, and often be lost


Since I come up with the first name tag, the second one is more straight forward now. I decided to continue with the theme of animals. I therefore recalled my name, Xiao Tong. A lot of my friend said that it sounds like Sotong!! So I draw a octopus which includes a few symbols that can represent Singapore as Sotong is a very Singapore or at least Southeast Asia world. When I add in the Merlion and HDB block, I hope that my message can be delivered my clearly.


The last name tag is the abstract one. I was inspired by the idea of maze. Maze to me, is like obstacles, like the cycle of life. Our whole life is like maze. We are in it, we are often lost. But several are able to find the true meaning of their lives.



Monument Valley











Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed and published by indie studio Ustwo. The player leads the princess Ida through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. The use of optical illusion can be seen from the picture above. It actually illustrate a 3D which can only exist in 2D form.

Therefor, I hope that I can apply this into my project. Below pictures are a few examples which this idea is implemented.











 Lex Wilson

Lex Wilson is well-known for his design of the 3D typography








More of his work can be acces from his website


He uses perspective to his full advantage

This is an important point for me to adopt. For the project, it is not necessary to design a 2D planar typography. we could play with the perspective by tilting the imaginary “camera”.


 Peter von Arx












Peter Von Arx is the author of this book,”Film Design”


He believed that

Designer Should be familiar with the factors of movement, time and speed as seen in film

This apply to all mediums use, also for words and typography.

As seen from examples of his work. The words are given a form of movement and flowing of time.

1960s Psychedelics Posters

BonnieMacLean moscoso1wes-wilson










Psychedelia and the Psychedelic movement  1960-1975


  1. Pertaining to or characterized by hallucinations, distortions of perception and awareness, and sometimes psychotic-like behavior.
  2. A drug that produces such effects.
  3. An art style influenced by the prevalence of hallucinatory drugs, especially LSD, with typical designs featuring abstract swirls of intense color with curvilinear calligraphy reminiscent of Art Nouveau.

The psychedelic movement began in the mid 1960’s and had an effect, not just on music, but also on many aspects of popular culture. This included style of dress, language and the way people spoke, art, literature and philosophy.

The name “psychedelic” refers to drugs that were popular with the youth culture of the time. Posters for rock concerts tried to visually express the feeling of tripping out.

The visual motifs of psychedelic art include Art Nouveau-inspired curvilinear shapes, illegible hand-drawn type, and intense optical color vibration inspired by the pop art movement.

(Source from https://visualartsdepartment.wordpress.com/psychedelic-60s/)

The 3 highlighted points indicate the special features of psychedelic posters. The way which texts are twisted and the uncomfortable colors use actually bringing a uncomfortable feeling to the audience.

Among the 6 attributes of ourselves in the project, not all of them are necessary positive. Thus the psychedelic posters can be a good example to learn to how to deliver negative feeling.


3D/ Handmade typography

Picture7 Picture8


Story took place 400 years later.

At that time, the whole human civilization has undergone vast change. The most major event that leads to the transformation will be the first known alien attack from the planet Nexus on 2086. When their space ship landed on Earth and declared war of invasion. Their superior in technology and special ability enable them to gain advantage at the start.



Despite that, human took 120 years and finally defeated the Nexian.However, the damage done to the surface of the Earth cannot be recovered. 20 percent of the sea was polluted after the use of biological weapons, this caused 45 percent of land to be not suitable for human accommodation. In fact, statistics showed that over 30 percent of total population has diminished during the war.





In order to maintain the human civilization, leaders have come together and decided on a common solution. Unions were formed over the next 100 years. They each shared different idea and perception, which lead on constructing different form and structure of society. The list of Unions will be mention below.

Over the years, some Unions have able to gain contact with living creatures from other planets or galaxy. They are able to maintain good diplomatic relationships. Treaties and Trading Pacts are made until now. Citizens are given rights to travel or migrant within the planets.




However among them, the Nexian still remains as a notorious race to Earth.

The fear of its potential danger cause it to be permanently banned of entering. Moreover, the political tension remains and any action of any Nexian will be seen as act of terror within the boundary of Earth. Despite that, there are still a number of Nexian trying to smuggle into Earth. A special agent is founded to deal with this. It is called the Alien Immigration Authority (AIA). They usually applied very harsh approach when Nexian smuggler is caught.



The Nexian

They are a unique race even in the universe with the account of their special power. Nexians are able to change their form (or shapeshifting) into any creatures or objects. Their original appearance look like a pink carrot with many tentacle. During the war on Earth, they are able to infiltrate into the human society by transforming into people around them. This was almost no scientific approach to differentiate them and human.















Although after the war, the Nexus, as the defeated planet, also receive huge damage. They lost half of their young soldiers. For the following 200 years, Nexus face huge economic crisis. Low employment rate, aging population have greatly affected its post-war recovery.



Unions on Earth

The civilization on Earth are separated into 3 “Unions”

1.   Disciplinarian

The biggest Union on earth. Their society structure is based on theory of Eusociality. Similar to structure of the Ant Colony, there is no longer the old family concept. Instead, the benefit of the entire community should be seen as priority.

The clearest feature will be the division of labor into reproductive and non-reproductive. On top of the social class, there is the Queen and the reproductive race, while the rest of the infertility population (regardless of their gender). They are soldier and workers who work together to create a living situation favorable for the brood. It is to be noted that Disciplinarians are guided by rigorous laws and rules. Their lifestyles follow the Semi-military management.

In fact, they are also the founder of the Alien Immigrant Authority (AIA) and still gain major control on the agency.


2.   Habeas corpus

Usually known as Habeas. They are parties which opposed to the mindset of Disciplinarian. They are supporters of human rights and freedom. And believed that human cannot be classify into hierarchy. The Habeas are prone to cultivation of ethic mindset. They also are in favor of art and religions.

Therefore, conflicts are commonly seen between the two parties.


3.   Sky racer

A very portion of people. Their lands were destroyed or submerge into water during the sea pollution. Upon losing their home on land, they turn and live on the airship which floating in the sky for about 200 years. The sky Racer has the least contact with other Unions. They are the only race that still carries on with old family concept, for example, the monogamy. That’s why they are mostly seen as savages.




1.   Phonbus

A young Nexian who attempt to smuggle into the Earth, hoping to find jobs.


2.   Randy Philman

A boy from Sky Racer



Decide your:  Appearance, attributes points (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) splitting them out of 10.

Also, please decide on the background of the character. What’s his family like, what kind of environment did he grow in.




Final Equation
Project 3 Layout

Reference Artist

My reference artist is Jimmy Liao, a Taiwanese illustrator as well as a picture bookwriter. His work is known for the mild water color used and the style that touches the inner feeling of people.

601100946591538 xiangzuozou_xiangyouzou-002 oYYBAFM7gSKIM-YyAAHYCqzCzLMAABccQIY1AoAAdgi642 ooYBAFM7gSCIJcizAAJ6gygr2vIAABccQIUiYkAAnqb862


Style and Reference

Based on my reference artist, I planned to use  very light water colour with simple cartoonist type of illustration.

On the other side, I also used collage. Thus the work is done physically.



Process 1- Color Adoption

Below are the colour choice adopted initially









to be continued.

Chosen Rhyme:

What are little girls made of, made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice, and everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.

Final 4

What are girls made of5

                       What are little girl made of ?


what are little girls made of11

            Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.


What are girls made of13

              Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.


what are little girls made of2

                Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.



I was inspired by all the vintage illustration and also the Manga “Black Butler” as it mention mentions this rhyme once. I felt that to portray the world of girls, we need to put all the dreamland and cute things



Draft 1

What are girls made of4 What are little girls made of1 What are girls made of3 what are little girls made of16


Draft 2

What are girls made of9

what are little girls made of15 what are little girls made of6 What are girls made of14

Draft 3

what are little girls made of8 What are girls made of12 What are girls made of10 What are girls made of7