I was very lucky to be in the organizing committee marketing group. I was in charged of design this year forum’s poster, actual event’s backdrop, and logo.

1. Pre-event Poster

This year’s theme is ” To nurture a Generation of Born-Global Entrepreneurs ” So I decided to bring in the city landscape vector design to enhance the Born-Global idea.

poster compress-01


2. Logo

The committee also gave me the chance to design our own Singapore logo based on the existing design. So I added in the list of popular Singapore landmarks into the logo. This really make me review my Illustrators skills.

official logo-03-03






Finally, I was in charged creating the backdrop that will be used in the actual forum. Overall, this project really enlighten me a lot as I have not been doing any freelance work for the past 1 year. A very rare chance that I will revise my illustrator skill.
banner with gradient-01-01



Final Equation
Project 3 Layout

Reference Artist

My reference artist is Jimmy Liao, a Taiwanese illustrator as well as a picture bookwriter. His work is known for the mild water color used and the style that touches the inner feeling of people.

601100946591538 xiangzuozou_xiangyouzou-002 oYYBAFM7gSKIM-YyAAHYCqzCzLMAABccQIY1AoAAdgi642 ooYBAFM7gSCIJcizAAJ6gygr2vIAABccQIUiYkAAnqb862


Style and Reference

Based on my reference artist, I planned to use  very light water colour with simple cartoonist type of illustration.

On the other side, I also used collage. Thus the work is done physically.



Process 1- Color Adoption

Below are the colour choice adopted initially









to be continued.

Chosen Rhyme:

What are little girls made of, made of?

What are little girls made of?

Sugar and spice, and everything nice,

That’s what little girls are made of.

Final 4

What are girls made of5

                       What are little girl made of ?


what are little girls made of11

            Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.


What are girls made of13

              Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.


what are little girls made of2

                Sugar and spice and all the thing nice.



I was inspired by all the vintage illustration and also the Manga “Black Butler” as it mention mentions this rhyme once. I felt that to portray the world of girls, we need to put all the dreamland and cute things



Draft 1

What are girls made of4 What are little girls made of1 What are girls made of3 what are little girls made of16


Draft 2

What are girls made of9

what are little girls made of15 what are little girls made of6 What are girls made of14

Draft 3

what are little girls made of8 What are girls made of12 What are girls made of10 What are girls made of7