Time flies! And it’s already the end of or assignment 2. This assignment, “Point of View” is for us to depict a certain object or symbol in multiple aspects. With this, I intended to do based on the concept of high context society. And I want to choose an object that I am familiar with.

As I mention from the previous post, the object I decided to use is


What would a Chinese seen Chrysanthemum as? A flower used for “Bai Bai” (tomb sweeping)? or just a form of Tea? And how about people from other country?

For this assignment, there is not much change in my ideas and concept. If you are interested to find out more about the other 14 aspects, do check on my 2D: Point of View Concept/ Research

Through my research, I found that Chrysanthemum is actually a symbol of the Japanese Royal family. It can be seen from a lot of their different symbols.Screenshot 2016-03-23 12.08.19

So I decided to narrow the countries down into 2: China and Japan. 

The six Point of Views I choose are

  1. In POV of A Meiji Japanese is a Royal symbol

  2. In POV of A Modern Japanese is Citizenship

  3. In POV of A Chinese is A Offering to Ancestors

  4. In POV of A Drink is a Tea

  5. In POV of A Proposal is A Bad Option

  6. In POV of An Internet Phrase is Taboo


What I found from research, is a very “hot” way of portraying an object: Making the object as a character.

Making countries as characters

Making Food as Characters

In addition, I decided to do a combination of 2D images and 3D images. This

Character Design

I planned to portray the flowers into actual characters. The approach I took is hand draw. Like Below

2016-03-15 17.20.46 2016-03-15 17.20.40 2016-03-15 17.20.35

Actual Photo Taking

It is my first time taking the approach of photography for my assignment. And I need to say, it is really a PAINFUL process! I never expect that it will be so hard to adjust the lighting. And most pictures turn out not as what I expected to be.

Initially, I wanted to portray the image in the form of stage performance. Where there is a rather fake looking background at the back of the charcters. And it would best if the charcter can cast a shadow on the background. Something like this

But it ends up like this…

2016-03-15 18.13.07

The tone is always dull and dark. So in the end, I have to abandon the idea of stage performance and do something like this

2016-03-15 17.58.06

After numerous shots, I finally came down to the last 6…

Final Work



In POV of A Meiji Japanese is a Royal symbol



In POV of A Modern Japanese is Citizenship



In POV of A Chinese is A Offering to Ancestors



In POV of A Drink is a Tea



In POV of A Proposal is A Bad Option


FullSizeRender_3 In POV of An Internet Phrase is Taboo


This is the first assignment that I have decided on direction and objectives almost immediately.  However, the hard part is during processing, where I faced a lot of technical problems. Although this assignment is not as satisfying as I expected. But I still glad I am able to learn photography which I have never used before.

High Context Culture

It refers to a culture’s tendency to use high-context messages in routine communication.

In a higher-context culture, many things are left unsaid, letting the culture explain. Words and word choice become very important in higher-context communication, since a few words can communicate a complex message very effectively to an in-group (but less effectively outside that group),



I actually came across this term “High Context Culture” during my mastering communication class. This inspired me to decide the theme of this assignment.  High context society is commonly seen in Asia countries. This is because we have a lot of untold traditions, taboos. And it is often different or directly opposite in another countries. Furthermore, as time grows, objects are given other meanings, which further adds on the diversity of culture.

For now, the object I proposed to use is the flower chrysanthemum


The subjects I want to express will be the following

  •  Point of view of a common object
  •  From different countries
  •  From different cultures and traditions
  •  From different values
  •  From different age groups

18 Aspects

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Artist Reference

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