Story took place 400 years later.

At that time, the whole human civilization has undergone vast change. The most major event that leads to the transformation will be the first known alien attack from the planet Nexus on 2086. When their space ship landed on Earth and declared war of invasion. Their superior in technology and special ability enable them to gain advantage at the start.

Despite that, human took 120 years and finally defeated the Nexian.However, the damage done to the surface of the Earth cannot be recovered. 20 percent of the sea was polluted after the use of biological weapons, this caused 45 percent of land to be not suitable for human accommodation. In fact, statistics showed that over 30 percent of total population has diminished during the war.


In order to maintain the human civilization, leaders have come together and decided on a common solution. Unions were formed over the next 100 years. They each shared different idea and perception, which lead on constructing different form and structure of society. The list of Unions will be mention below.

Over the years, some Unions have able to gain contact with living creatures from other planets or galaxy. They are able to maintain good diplomatic relationships. Treaties and Trading Pacts are made until now. Citizens are given rights to travel or migrant within the planets.


However among them, the Nexian still remains as a notorious race to Earth.

The fear of its potential danger cause it to be permanently banned of entering. Moreover, the political tension remains and any action of any Nexian will be seen as act of terror within the boundary of Earth. Despite that, there are still a number of Nexian trying to smuggle into Earth. A special agent is founded to deal with this. It is called the Alien Immigration Authority (AIA). They usually applied very harsh approach when Nexian smuggler is caught.



The Nexian

They are a unique race even in the universe with the account of their special power. Nexians are able to change their form (or shapeshifting) into any creatures or objects. Their original appearance look like a pink carrot with many tentacle. During the war on Earth, they are able to infiltrate into the human society by transforming into people around them. This was almost no scientific approach to differentiate them and human.












Although after the war, the Nexus, as the defeated planet, also receive huge damage. They lost half of their young soldiers. For the following 200 years, Nexus face huge economic crisis. Low employment rate, aging population have greatly affected its post-war recovery.



Unions on Earth

The civilization on Earth are separated into 3 “Unions”

1.   Disciplinarian

The biggest Union on earth. Their society structure is based on theory of Eusociality. Similar to structure of the Ant Colony, there is no longer the old family concept. Instead, the benefit of the entire community should be seen as priority.

The clearest feature will be the division of labor into reproductive and non-reproductive. On top of the social class, there is the Queen and the reproductive race, while the rest of the infertility population (regardless of their gender). They are soldier and workers who work together to create a living situation favorable for the brood. It is to be noted that Disciplinarians are guided by rigorous laws and rules. Their lifestyles follow the Semi-military management.

In fact, they are also the founder of the Alien Immigrant Authority (AIA) and still gain major control on the agency.


2.   Habeas corpus

Usually known as Habeas. They are parties which opposed to the mindset of Disciplinarian. They are supporters of human rights and freedom. And believed that human cannot be classify into hierarchy. The Habeas are prone to cultivation of ethic mindset. They also are in favor of art and religions.

Therefore, conflicts are commonly seen between the two parties.


3.   Sky racer

A very portion of people. Their lands were destroyed or submerge into water during the sea pollution. Upon losing their home on land, they turn and live on the airship which floating in the sky for about 200 years. The sky Racer has the least contact with other Unions. They are the only race that still carries on with old family concept, for example, the monogamy. That’s why they are mostly seen as savages.




1.   Phonbus

A young Nexian who attempt to smuggle into the Earth, hoping to find jobs.


2.   Randy Philman

A boy from Sky Racer



Decide your:  Appearance, attributes points (Strength, Agility and Intelligence) splitting them out of 10.

Also, please decide on the background of the character. What’s his family like, what kind of environment did he grow in.