In the previous few lore, I have very limited descriptions on the world’s second large Union, the Habeas corpus. So I guess for this lore, we will begin with the Haber’s architecture.

The general trend through out the whole world is that buildings are mostly extremely high. This is largely due to the shortage of land cause by the massive sea pollution. Thus, even residential areas commonly have buildings that reach 130 floor. However, the Haber’s architecture possess its special characteristics.

The Habeas are well-known for their appreciation of arts and freedom in thinking. This is also reflected in their style of architecture. If you can refer to the 21st century, the Haber’s architecture is very similar to the ancient Baroque style.





Baroque architecture is the building style of the Baroque era, begun in late 16th-century Italy, that took the Roman vocabulary of Renaissance architecture and used it in a new rhetorical and theatrical fashion, often to express the triumph of the Catholic Church and the absolutist state. It was characterized by new explorations of form, light and shadow, and dramatic intensity.

(Source: Wikipedia)

In overall, beside making the building extremely high. The Habeas take extremely on details of their buildings. The architectures show a strong sense of arts and wealth. Explained by the statues and reliefs and also the luxury decorations. Also, the Habeas are not hesitate to express their devotion of religion. The Baroque style churches are everyone, each worshiping different religion of gods.


Renaissance Revolution

It still remains a myth about why the Habeas Pioneers choose to follow the Baroque style. But most people suggest that it is due to the Habeas’ first Renaissance Revolution On 2230s, when the Habeas Corpus Union was just founded. This revolution demonstrating a conscious revival and development of certain elements of ancient Greek and Roman thought and material culture.Thus greatly affects the Haber’s style of architecture.

The Door of Truth

“The door of Truth” is one of the most famous Habeas Architecture. Originally, the door of Truth is not literally a door but a 130 floors building. The Door is the second highest building in Habeas Corpus Union and also considered as the most mysterious building ever.

The Door of Truth

People are told that The Door contains ” Last truth of the World”. But the answer still remains as a secret. However, rumor has it that inside The Door lies the ultimate weapon of Habeas.

Alien Immigration Authority is an agency responsible for the security of Earth against the entry of undesirable aliens through our space immigration checkpoints. As a security agency, ICA also conducts operations against immigration offenders. Besides that, AIA is also the draftman of many Alien-related constitutions and laws.



Operational since 1 June 2307, AIA has 90 years of history. At the start, AIA is only a small Non-Government Organisation started by a group of progressionists. However, at that time, AIA adopted a relatively mild attitudes towards foreign Aliens. Those progressionists believed that the Earth need to stay open to other planets. We should not let history affects our path to common progress. However, this idea actually changed after the Disciplinarian became the major supporter of AIA.


As Disciplinarian is considered as the biggest Union on earth currently. It is also seen as the manipulator behind AIA. Every year, a portion of the Union’s budget will goes to the agency. AIA also receives outputs of natural resources and weapons from the Disciplinarian. By 2380, almost half of AIA management council were made up of Disciplinarians. Thus, many of the decisions are affected or manipulated by the Union. Including the harsh attitudes towards the Nexians.



By 2400, the sizes of AIA has grown to over to 20000 people. It has built headquarters in almost every Unions. Beside the Sky Racer, AIA has given rights to examine and perform duties in everywhere.

AIA are under the regulatory of its management council, on the top will be the General Secretary. Followed by the Section Chief and Section Head. However, most of the ministerial level’s information remain confidential.

The base agents

The numbers of base agents made up of one quarters of the entire 20000 staffs. They are the ones that will go out and capture all the illegal aliens on earth. Agent can usually be identify by wearing black or blue suits, with a unique design of watch on their wrist. Agents are normally equipped with alien sedative weapons. However, recently many witness that some agents are using fatal weapons and given rights to shoot aliens at the spot.



As mentioned in the earlier chapter. AIA is well-known for its stern attitude towards the Nexian. They believe that any potential threat, regardless of any circumstance, should be remove from the Earth. One can refer from the Alien and Sedition Clause proposed by the AIA.


Ad the Nexian is capable of tranform into any living creatures, they usually undercover in the human society. To identify them, the agency has spent 20 years to design the detecting device. It has been further improved into a small yellow watch which most agents will be wearing. The watch is able to scan using sophisticated data and signs, and will signal the whole agent system that there is presence of illegal foreign creatures.


There has been rumors about AIA using arrested Nexians on Alien related experiement. They claimed that most illegal Nexians, after being caught by AIA, did not repatriate back to Nexus as what agency claimed. Instead, they were being put under secret experiments. And most of them did not come back alive. However, no clear evidence are able prove this. In additon, most of the people are afraid of the influence and power of AIA. No one dares to speak for the rights of Nexians

For military use: Phantom

In 2400, the patterns of war are dramatically different. Military transports like tank and warship are no longer the major power on the battlefield.

The gigantic machine, Phantoms was introduced. It is a form of human operating robot. Sizes can range from as big as an island to as small as a telephone booth.  Various forms of Phantom  exist. Some of which imitates the mechanism of insects or animals, while others were built like a moving fortress. Phantom has been used in all areas, land, sky or sea use. Usually, a phantom will be equipped with mass-destruction weapons. Currently, it is considered as most powerful weapon exist currently.


Phantom is working on the mechanism of neuron-transmittance system. One pilot is required for each machine. The pilot is connected to machine through neural system. On the other side, Phantom, as a transport, is able to carry large numbers of soldiers from place to place. However, in order to be a Phantom pilot, one will has fit very distinct requirements. Therefore, many Unions started to cultivate a suitable pilot. however, this requires enormous time and money.

For commercial use: Airship

The transport system currently all based on air travel. This is make possible as building are now extremely high. People will only have to travel from buildings to buildings using airship.,d.c2E&psig=AFQjCNESOZ1p0NJfDtA4syUueYf7lB0UPQ&ust=1454116603111770

Airship is fueled by solar power. Therefore, it is able to stay in the air for very long time. But one disadvantage is that in order to ensure its speed, airship has to be made with very light materials. This cause it to be extremely fragile to weapon attacks. Recent years, there has a lot of accidents where commercial airships were unknowingly involved in the battlefield of Phantoms.

Air Racer

As mentioned in the previous chapter, the air racer is a group/ country of people that entirely live on their airships for almost 200 years