Journey to take things slow and enjoy life in this fast paced society.


Okay jokes aside. So, for this second project of ours, as the title suggests, I decided to work on how we should try to slow down our pace in life to enjoy the little things in our lives. For every single scene that I am going to have, I aim to capture at least one or two public members who take time off their hectic schedules to just slow down life and enjoy it for a moment or so. I am really bad with uploading videos and stuff on youtube etc and linking it to here. So below is the link for my instagram post on one of my “walks” with a few guys on the left of the frame just sitting and reading news/playing game on their phones for most of my walk.

Do criticise on it and let me know if you guys think there are any cool locations I should walk ridiculously slow at 🙂 And also the BGM for the video!


Sample video of walk at Chinatown’s Temple

5 thoughts on “Journey to take things slow and enjoy life in this fast paced society.”

  1. HAHA the video still makes me laugh^ ^”

    Gary the idea is a really cool one! Not to mention your filming is ON POINT TOO (Join Charmaine in the 10/10 LFR (Lea’s Film Ratings) club)

    Actually I find the fact that you gave up and walked away really interesting! It kind of shows how difficult it is for us to actually take it slow and enjoy the little things in life- so maybe you could incorporate that into your final as well! To show how this is a skill/habit that has to be honed over time- not something that can be done immediately.

    In terms of places you could go, maybe a canteen in school or something? It would be kind of interesting to see how people react to you walking super slowly as they yell at you to move out of the way (but then again they might throw hot soup at you so maybe not><") Marina Bay Sands on a Sunday is a pretty good bet- the lighting there is amazing and there will be plenty of people! (but the HAZE URGH)

  2. Hey Gary!

    GREAT JOB ON WALKING SLOWLY. I wouldn’t have the patience to do so haha, really solid effort on your part. The setting is real pretty with all the lanterns, and the perspective draws you in. This actually reminds me of a 20ish second sequence in Wong Kar Wai’s ‘Chungking Express’, a scene where two people are moving in slow motion while everybody is pacing up and down the road real quick (in a time lapse). I think the similarity with yours, besides the technique, is that the person/people moving slowly seems to be in their own world, with everybody just whizzing past and not caring. If that’s what you’re going for, great HAHA.

    The walk back is a little funny because you gave up (it was really fast because you gave up right? I’m not so sure, just assuming here) but I do agree with Lea that it might be actually interesting that you gave up cause it’s pretty much hellish to move at that pace ._.

  3. Hullo Gary. You prove your lineage as a snail. Though in walking away quickly, you have disappointed them. (tuh tuh TUHHH)

    ok jokes aside, it’s a really cool concept that I think we can all agree was cool even the first time you showed us xD I like how you executed it almost perfectly (I’ll have to admit you have a wonky walk but i don’t think it was easy to do better given how hard it is to walk that slow) so yeah, it was still amazing and that must have taken a lot of patience and work. What dyou think you’re gonna add over it? Music, the background sounds? Narration? Either way, keep doing what you’re doing! Looks great and really amazing! Jy!

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